35 and Ticking

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35 and Ticking
35 and Ticking.jpg
Directed by Russ Parr
Produced by Russ Parr
Kym Whitley
Starring Tamala Jones
Nicole Ari Parker
Keith Robinson
Darius McCrary
Dondre Whitfield
Jill Marie Jones
Wendy Raquel Robinson
with Kevin Hart
and Meagan Good
Release dates
  • May 20, 2011 (2011-05-20)
Country United States
Language English

35 and Ticking[2] is an African American comedy/romance film directed by Russ Parr.

The film features a large African American ensemble cast, starring Meagan Good, Nicole Ari Parker, Tamala Jones, Kevin Hart, Kym Whitley, Luenell, Darius McCrary, Dondre Whitfield, Mike Epps, Luenell, Clifton Powell, Jill Marie Jones, Wendy Raquel Robinson, and Keith Robinson (actor).


The movie is about the struggles and triumphs of four friends as they try to figure out the direction of their lives as they approach their mid-thirties. The movie starts off with four friends, Victoria (Tamala Jones), Zenobia (Nicole Ari Parker), Cleavon (Kevin Hart), and Phil (Keith Robinson). The movie begins in the year 1983 as Victoria and Zenobia talk about their futures. Both promise they will get married, live next to each other, and that their children will also be best friends like they are. The movie then jumps to the present-day. It is Zenobia's 37th birthday party and Victoria, Zenobia, Cleavon, and Phil are gathered at a table. Both Victoria and Phil are married while Zenobia and Cleavon are still single. While at the party, Cleavon notices a beautiful woman. He tells Zenobia, and she then calls the girl over. Cleavon, very nervous and awkward around her, attempts to ask for her number only to fail in doing so, but discovers her name is Falinda (Meagan Good). Each of the four friends are still trying to find their way in life and love. Victoria wants to start a family with a husband who isn't interested in children, Phil is trying to balance supporting and caring for his family with a wife (Jill Marie Jones) who isn't interested in being a mother. Phil's wife later leaves him and his kids to be with NBA star Nick West (Darius McCrary), and both Zenobia and Cleavon are still trying to find love. Most of the movie follows Cleavon trying not to reveal that he makes a living by donating sperm every week. Zenobia is introduced to a gangster through a dating website. Because Falinda is a nurse who is planning to move away to get a job, Cleavon asks her to search for a job here. She finds a job at a sperm bank where Cleavon "works." She forgives him and says they can continue with their relationship so long as he quits. Victoria's husband leaves her as he doesn't want kids and isn't in love with her anymore. She sees him one year later with his pregnant girlfriend/wife; Victoria decides to adopt. Zenobia and Phil are revealed to be engaged and expecting a baby after a confrontation with Phil's now-destitute ex-wife at Cleavon and Falinda's wedding. The story ends with all of the group and Falinda in a Jacuzzi tub.



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