371st Infantry Regiment (United States)

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371st Infantry Regiment
371 Inf Rgt DUI.jpg
Distinctive Unit Insignia
Active 1913–1945
Allegiance United States of America
Branch United States Army
Type Infantry

World War I

World War II

U.S. Infantry Regiments
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370th Infantry Regiment 372nd Infantry Regiment

The 371st Infantry Regiment. was an African American regiment, nominally a part of the 93rd Infantry Division (Colored), that served in World War I. On arrival in France, this unit was transferred into the French command, so its decorations are French rather than American. This unit was extremely well decorated, receiving unit and numerous individual citations including Croix de Guerre and Légion d'honneur. The 371st Regiment was seconded to the 157th Infantry Division, and called the Red Hand Division, under the command of General Mariano Goybet.

The 371st was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal (United States). Corporal Freddie Stowers of the regiment's 1st Battalion was the only African American soldier from World War I awarded the Medal of Honor.

A detailed history of this unit is given in Chester Heywood's Negro Combat Troops, published in 1928 and reprinted since.

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