3rd Swiss Regiment Reding

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Regimiento Suizo de Reding n.º 3
Regimiento Suizo de Reding nº 3.jpg
Regimiento Suizo de Reding nº 3 (2008 re-enactment, Málaga)
Active 1742 - 1829
Country  Spain
Allegiance Crown of Spain
Branch Escudo del Ejército de Tierra.PNG Army
Type Infantry
Role Front-line

American Revolutionary War
War of the First Coalition

Peninsular War

Disbanded 1829

Theodor von Reding

The 3rd Swiss Regiment Reding was a unit of Swiss soldiers in the Spanish Army and one of several Swiss regiments serving the Spanish Crown in the 18th century. The regiment was founded by a royal proclamation of Philip V in 1742 and recruited from the Canton of Schwyz in central Switzerland.

It was the third Swiss regiment in service at the time (out of about a dozen or so Swiss Regiments historically) and was the second raising of a regiment under a colonel named Reding. It is therefore either referred to as the 2nd Regiment Reding or the 3rd Swiss Regiment.

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