9mm Winchester Magnum

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9 mm Winchester Magnum
Type Handgun
Place of origin  United States
Production history
Designer Winchester
Case type Rimless, straight
Bullet diameter .355 in (9.0 mm)
Neck diameter .379 in (9.6 mm)
Base diameter .391 in (9.9 mm)
Rim diameter .394 in (10.0 mm)
Rim thickness .050 in (1.3 mm)
Case length 1.160 in (29.5 mm)
Overall length 1.575 in (40.0 mm)
Ballistic performance
Bullet weight/type Velocity Energy
115 gr (7 g) MC 1,450 ft/s (440 m/s) 537 ft·lbf (728 J)
Source(s): SAAMI [1]

The 9 mm Winchester Magnum, which is also known as the 9x29mm, is a centerfire handgun cartridge developed by Winchester in the late 1970s. The cartridge was developed to duplicate the performance of the .357 S&W Magnum in an auto-pistol cartridge.[2]

The first handgun which chambered the cartridge was the Wildey pistol. Since then, Thompson/Center has produced barrels chambered for this cartridge and AMT chambered their Automag III[3] for it too, but the cartridge never reached the popularity enjoyed by other handgun cartridges and could now be considered obsolete.

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