ALAC (Arma Leve Anticarro)

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ALAC in expo
Type Anti-tank weapon
Place of origin  Brazil
Service history
Used by Brazil
Production history
Manufacturer GESPI
Weight 7.7 kg
Length 1.020 m

Caliber 84 mm
Muzzle velocity 240 m/s
Effective firing range 300 m

ALAC is a Brazilian light anti-tank weapon. It has a disposable launch tube designed to destroy or disable armored vehicles. Light Antitank Weapon is 84 mm single use, disposable shot, designed to combat anti-tank and an approximate maximum range of use of 500 meters. The shooting is done with the gun resting on the shooter's shoulder and its working principle is the recoilless cannon. It consists of a launcher tube pre-loaded with ammunition EACA, firing mechanisms, iron sights and safety.


  • Caliber: 84 mm
  • Total weight: 7.7 kg
  • Weight of grenade: 2.35 kg
  • Length: 1.020 m
  • Speed: 240 m/s
  • Range: 300 m
  • Penetration: 250–300 mm