Abdallah al-Asbah

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Abdallah Salem

Abdallah Salem (Al-Asbah) (Arabic: عبد الله الأصبح) is a prominent Palestinian rebel born in the village of Al-Ja'una near Safad in 1910. He participated in the Great Syrian Revolt against French colonial forces in Syria in 1925, in Al-Qassam Revolt (Izz ad-Din al-Qassam) in Palestine in 1935, and the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine. He was killed in the Battle of Khirbet Rakhson (Arabic:معركة خربة رخصون).

Abdallh Al-Asbah is also known for fighting several battles alongside with Sa'ed Al-Aas (Arabic:سعيد العاص).

His Battles[edit]

Wadi Laymoon Battle (Arabic:معركة وادي اللیمون)
Safyieh Battle (Arabic:معركة الصفیة)
Jarn Halaweh Battle (Arabic: معركة جرن حلاوة)
Wadi Tawahim Battle (Arabic: معركة وادي الطواحین)
Al-Nabi Yusha' Battle(Arabic: معركة النبي یوشع)
Nweiriyeh Battle (Arabic: معركة النویریة )
Jabal Jarmaq Battle (Arabic: معركة جبل الجرمق)

His Death[edit]

Following Nabi Yusha' battle, the British Army offered a reward of 1000 Palestinian Pound for Al-Asbah, dead or alive. In April 1938, Al-Asbah was surrounded by 1000 British troops, along with 50 rebels at a forest near Jarmaq Mountains adjacent to the village of Khirbet Rikhsoon (Arabic: خربة رخصون). The battle lasted 3 days, during which the British Army used artillery and airplanes to bomb the rebels. Al-Asbah was killed from a shrapnel on April 27, 1938. The rebels were able to remove his body from the battle scene for burial in the village of Sa'sa' (Arabic: سعسع).

Popular Palestinian folk song described Abdallah Al-Asbah:

أبو العبد بالمتراس واقف كت اللحم وضل العضم واقف
يا ريتك يا بو العبد بقيت واقف وصوتك يرعد جيوش العدا
أبو العبد ياسور بلكون متلك ماربي وماصار بالكون حدا
يوم تزعق بصوتك عليهم كل مين شاربه عالي وطي

Al-Asbah did not have any children. His widow lived in Al-Ja'una until the 1948 exudes, when she moved to Yarmouk (camp) for Palestinian refugees near Damascus in Syria.