Abdisho bar Berika

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For other people named Abdisho, see Abdisho (disambiguation).

Abdisho bar Berika or Ebedjesu (Classical Syriac: ܥܒܕܝܝܫܘܥ ܕܨܘܒܐ) (d.1318), also known as "Mar Odisho" or "St. Odisho" in English, was an East Syrian writer.[1]

Abdisho was first bishop of Shiggar (Sinjar) and the province of Bet 'Arbaye (Arbayestan) around 1285 and from before 1291 metropolitan of Nisibis and Armenia. He was the author of the Marganitha, one of the most important ecclesiastical texts of the Assyrian Church of the East.


  • Catalogue of books.
  • Paradise of Eden.


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