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Abu Hudhayfa ibn Utbah (Arabic: أبو حذيفة بن عتبة; died 633), full name Abu Hudhayfa ibn Utbah ibn Rabi'ah was an early companion of the Prophet Muhammad. He was the son of Utba ibn Rabi'ah, one of the Leaders of Banu Taym.[1] He was the brother of Walid ibn Utbah and Hind bint Utbah, the wife of Abu Sufyan. Abu Hudhayfa ibn Utbah became the next leader after to Uthman Abu Quhafa in 614 because of Uthman Abu Quhafa's poor health condition.[2]

He was married to Sahla bint Suhail and had an adoptive son named Salim Mawla Abu Hudhayfa. Abu Hudhayfah fought in the Battle of Badr, witnessing the deaths of his father, brother, and uncle in the traditional 3 champions' combat duel before the actual battle between the Muslims and Quraish even started. Abu Hudhayfa was killed in the Battle of Al-Yamama in the Ridda wars in 11 A.H (633 CE).

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