Adrogue, con ilustraciones de Norah Borges

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Adrogué, con ilustraciones de Norah Borges (1977) is a volume of poetry by Jorge Luis Borges, illustrated by his sister Norah Borges, about the city of Adrogué. It was born from a lecture given by Borges about "Adrogué in his books" at the celebration of the first Week of Culture of the Almirante Brown Partido in 1977.

Borges' love of Adrogué dates to his childhood, when he enjoyed many summers there. References to the city can be recognized in numerous poems when he writes about labyrinthine courtyards, sidewalks, cisterns, and idyllic memories of his youth.

The volume is a very limited edition by Ediciones Adrogué. The library of the partido keeps a copy.


On the occasion of the writer's 112th anniversary, the municipality of Almirante Brown reissued a free edition of the book with a selection of poems from the original, to which accounts by locals who met Borges were added.[1]


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