Aeneus (of Aenus)

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In Greek mythology, Aeneus (Greek: Αἰνεύς) was the legendary founder of the ancient Thracian city of Aenus (also called Poltyobria or Poltymbria). He was the father of Cyzicus. He is sometimes confused with the famous legendary hero Aeneas, due solely to the similarity in spelling. Aeneus' parentage has been given as Apollo and Stilbe, daughter of the Thessalian river-god Peneus. This would make Aeneas the brother of Lapithes and Centaurus, the founders of the ancient Lapith and Centaur tribes in Thessaly. However, this Aeneus may have been intended as the eponymous founder of the Aenianes, another Thessalian tribe, and may not be the same as the founder of the Thracian city of Aenus. Given that the ancient city of Cyzicus was said to be founded by Thessalians, this Thessalian Aeneus may have been intended as the father of the mythical person named Cyzicus, founder of the city of the same name.