Afshin Rattansi

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Afshin Rattansi
Afshin Rattansi.png
Born 1968 (age 46–47)
Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Ethnicity Indian
Occupation Journalist at The Guardian, Channel 4, Dubai Business Channel, BBC Today Programme, Al Jazeera Arabic, Press TV, RT
Years active 1988–present
Employer Bloomberg - Dismissed employment due to vetting.
Notable work The Dream of the Decade: The London Novels
Television Rattansi & Ridley
Double Standards
Relatives Shihab Rattansi (brother)

Afshin Rattansi (born 1968)[1] is a British author and journalist[2] on the Russian RT network, previously he worked for the Iranian Press TV.



Rattansi & Ridley 2008–10
Double Standards
Going Underground on RT Russia Today 2013-


Year Documentary
2012 Eritrea: A Nation In Isolation[3]


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