Aiviekste River

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Aiviekste river
Origin Lake Lubāns
Mouth Daugava
Basin countries Latvia
Length 114 kilometres (71 mi)
Basin area 9,160 km2 (3,540 sq mi)
Aiviekste upe.jpg

The Aiviekste is a river in Latvia.[1] It begins at Lake Lubāns (the largest lake in Latvia) and drains into the Daugava (the largest river in Latvia). The Aiviekste is the largest tributary of the Daugava in Latvia. The Aiviekste, along with the Pededze River, forms the border between Vidzeme and Latgale.



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Coordinates: 56°36′52″N 25°45′30″E / 56.6144°N 25.7583°E / 56.6144; 25.7583