Alabuga River

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Alabuga River
Origin Fergana Range, Torugart Too
Mouth Naryn River
Basin countries Kyrgyzstan
Location Kosh-Dobo, Jergetal
Length approx. 180 km (110 mi)
Avg. discharge Annual average::31 m3/s (1,100 cu ft/s)
Basin area 5,880 km2 (2,270 sq mi)
River system Naryn River

The Alabuga (Kyrgyz: Алабуга дарыясы) is a left tributary of the Naryn River in Naryn Province of Kyrgyzstan. The river is formed at the north slopes of Torugart Too range, and south slopes of Djaman Too mountains .

The basic hydrological characteristics are: watershed - 5,880 km2 (2,270 sq mi), average altitude - 3,290 m (10,790 ft), annual average flow rate - 31 m3/s (1,100 cu ft/s), and average specific discharge - 8.35 l/s•km² [1]

Settlements located along the banks of Alabuga River include: Kosh-Dobo and Jergetal.