Alex Campbell and His Friends

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Alex Campbell and his Friends
Studio album by Alex Campbell
Released 1967
Recorded 22 March 1967, London
Label Saga Records ERO 8021
Producer Marcel Rodd
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Alex Campbell and his Friends
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- Alex Campbell and his Friends
Sandy and Johnny

Alex Campbell and his Friends is an album by Alex Campbell with: Sandy Denny, Johnny Silvo and the Johnny Silvo Folk Group featuring Roger Evans and David Moses, Paul McNeill and Cliff Aungier.

This March 1967 recording is the first release that Sandy Denny is featured on.


Side 1

  1. Alex Campbell: "Dark as a Dungeon (Down in the Mine)" (Merle Travis)
  2. Johnny Silvo: "Midnight Special" (trad)
  3. Johnny Silvo: "Cornbread, Peas and Black Molasses" (trad)
  4. Johnny Silvo: "Freight Train" (Elizabeth Cotten)
  5. Sandy Denny: "The False Bride" (trad)
  6. Alex Campbell: "Don't Think Twice It's Alright" (Bob Dylan)
  7. Cliff Aungier: "Chilly Winds" (trad)
  8. Cliff Aungier: "Blue Sleeves" (trad)

Side 2

  1. Paul McNeill: "Dick Derby" (trad)
  2. Sandy Denny: "You Never Wanted Me" (Jackson C. Frank)
  3. Alex Campbell: "Been on the Road So Long" (Alex Campbell)
  4. Cliff Aungier: "Dink's Song" (trad)
  5. Sandy Denny: "This Train" (trad)
  6. Paul McNeill: "Tell Old Bill" (trad)
  7. Alex Campbell: "Freedom" (trad)


Saga Records produced another album with Sandy Denny: Sandy and Johnny. In 1970 Saga released a compilation called It's Sandy Denny that featured the songs Denny recorded for the label, partly as alternate takes.

The complete material (original plus alternate takes) has been put out by Castle Music in 2005 under the title Where the Time Goes.

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