Alfred Perot

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Alfred Perot
Alfred Perot.jpg
Born (1863-11-03)November 3, 1863
Metz, France
Died November 28, 1925(1925-11-28) (aged 62)
Known for Fabry–Pérot interferometer
Notable awards Rumford Medal (1918)

Jean-Baptiste Alfred Perot (November 3, 1863 / Metz, France – November 28, 1925 / Paris, France) was a French physicist.

Together with his colleague Charles Fabry he developed the Fabry–Pérot interferometer.


There is some confusion about the spelling of Perot's last name. Perot himself used the spelling Pérot in scientific publications, but according to the French civil registry, his family name was Perot, without accent.[1]


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