Alto Mayo Protection Forest

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Alto Mayo Protection Forest
IUCN category VI (protected area with sustainable use of natural resources)
Map showing the location of Alto Mayo Protection Forest
Map showing the location of Alto Mayo Protection Forest
Map of Peru
Location Yungas, northern Peru
Coordinates 5°38′35″S 77°42′00″W / 5.643°S 77.7°W / -5.643; -77.7Coordinates: 5°38′35″S 77°42′00″W / 5.643°S 77.7°W / -5.643; -77.7[1]
Area 1,820 km2 (450,000 acres)
Established 1987

The Alto Mayo Protection Forest is an area of protected forest land in the Yungas of northern Peru. It is situated in the departments of San Martín, in the Yorongos, Rioja, Elías Soplín Vargas, Nuevo Cajamarca districts, and in the Rioja and Moyobamba provinces.[2]

Created in 1987, the protected area covers 1,820 square kilometres (450,000 acres) of forest land along the upper Mayo River basin (Between 77°4553 - 77°1217 W longitude and 5°2304 - 6°1056 S latitude.) It protects part of the Ucayali moist forests and Peruvian Yungas ecoregions.[3]

It was decided to create this controlled area so that the natural fauna (for instance, the Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey (Lagothrix flavicauda/Oreonax flavicauda) and the Cock-of-the-rock (Rupícola peruviana)) and flora (dense rainforest and numerous species of orchid) did not go out of existence. There was also the intention of guaranteeing the normal supply of water for human, agricultural and industrial consumption in other parts of the region.


The Yantalo District, 12 km (7.5 mi) from Moyobamba is 18 minutes from Moyobamba and is the entrance to the most beautiful forest on the shores of the Rio Mayo. Yantalo is also the center of the Yantalo Peru Foundation, whose aim is to improve the health and educational conditions of the local population of about 3000+ persons.


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