Altoona Mountain City

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Altoona Mountain City
Years 1884*

Folded after 25 games with a 6–19 record

Based in Altoona, Pennsylvania
Major league affiliations

Purple, white

Other names
  • Altoona Pride
  • Altoona Ottowas
  • Arthur Dively & William Ritz
Major league titles
  • Union Association pennants: 0

The Altoona Mountain Citys were a professional baseball franchise that played in Altoona, Pennsylvania in 1884. The Mountain Citys were a charter member of the Union Association, but folded after 25 games with a 6–19 record. Some sources call the team the Altoona Pride. One further source calls them the Altoona Ottowas.[citation needed]


For its one year of existence, the Altoona Mountain Citys were managed by Ed Curtis and played in Altoona's Columbia Park. Among its roster, catcher Jerrie Moore and shortstop Germany Smith were two of its best players. John Murphy and Jim Brown were the team's ace pitchers.

When Henry Lucas, president of the newest major league, the Union Association, could only find seven teams for his league, he convinced the team, then part of the Inter-State Association, to join the league, with the promise that the Pennsylvania Railroad would provide some backing.[1]

The Mountain Citys began the 1884 season by playing the top teams in the league, the St. Louis Maroons and the Cincinnati Outlaw Reds, and losing 11 straight. The Altoona teams performance against the Maroons was especially hideous; they gave up 92 runs and made 53 errors. After finally winning their first game on May 10, the Mountain Citys went 6–8 before folding. The team's final game was on May 31, 1884. The team was a disaster – attendance was as low as 200 on some games, and averaged slightly more than 1,000 per home game, low figures even for those times.

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