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The American Candy Company is a confectioner specializing in old-fashioned hard candies. Founded in 1899 in Selma, Alabama. The company was sold by the Gibian Family in 1989 to the Pinkerton Group in Richmond, Virginia. Their wax candy division was sold to Concord Confections in 2002 (the division is now part of Tootsie Roll Industries).


  • Froops Twirl Pops - sour cherry hard candies
  • Magic Sticks - wax sticks filled with fruit-flavored liquid
  • Nik-L-Nips (until 2002) - soda-bottle shaped wax tubes similar to Magic Sticks
  • Old Fashioned Sticks - hard candy sticks wrapped in cellophane
  • Fun Gum Sugar Lips (until 2002) - sculpted wax lips