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Amin (in Arabic أمين) is a given name for males meaning faithful, trustworthy. The mainly francophone variant is Amine. alternatives are Ameen and Amien. Amin appears in many Arabic, Persian, Indian given names.

The female equivalent of Amin/Amine/Ameen is Amina and Ameena, which is a widely used name among female Arabs.


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See also Amine (disambiguation) and Amina (disambiguation)


  • Amin, Iran, a village in South Khorasan Province, Iran


Amin may also refer to:

  • "Amin" (song), a song by Anna Vissi
  • Amin (ameen), the Islamic and Arabic Christian word for amen
  • Amin or munsif, an arbitrator who assessed and collected revenue in the Parganas introduced by the Delhi Sultanate
  • Amin, surname used for some Patidar Gujaratis in India predominantly following the Hindu faith
  • Amin amin ya Rabaljalil, the state anthem for Perlis, a state in Malaysia
  • Anak Mindanao, a political party in the Philippines

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