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Enemy poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Denis Villeneuve
Produced by
Screenplay by Javier Gullón
Based on The Double 
by José Saramago
Music by
  • Daniel Bensi
  • Saunder Jurriaans
Cinematography Nicolas Bolduc
Editing by Matthew Hannam
  • Mecanismo Films
  • micro_scope
  • Rhombus Media
  • Roxbury Pictures
Distributed by
  • E1 Films (Canada)
  • Alfa Pictures (Spain)
Release dates
  • 8 September 2013 (2013-09-08) (TIFF)
  • 14 March 2014 (2014-03-14) (Canada)
  • 28 March 2014 (2014-03-28) (Spain)
Running time 90 minutes
  • Canada
  • Spain
Language English
Box office $949,400

Enemy is a 2013 thriller film directed by Denis Villeneuve; it was adapted by Javier Gullón from José Saramago's 2002 novel The Double.[1] The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal in a dual role, Mélanie Laurent, Isabella Rossellini, Sarah Gadon, Stephen R. Hart, and Jane Moffat. It was screened in the Special Presentation section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.[2]

The film Enemy earned director Denis Villeneuve a Canadian Screen Award for Best Director,[3] and Sarah Gadon won a CSA for Best Supporting Actress. It was nominated for Best Picture at the 2nd Canadian Screen Awards.[4]



A man (Jake Gyllenhaal) attends an erotic show at an underground club that culminates in a naked woman crushing a tarantula with her foot. Elsewhere, a pregnant woman sits on a bed, alone.

Adam Bell, a solitary college history professor who looks identical to the man at the sex show, rents a movie on the recommendation of his colleague. Adam sees an actor in a bit role who looks exactly like him.

After doing some internet research, he identifies the actor as Anthony St. Claire. Adam rents out the rest of Anthony's filmography and develops an obsession with the man, who appears to be his physical doppelganger. Adam's girlfriend Mary (Mélanie Laurent) becomes troubled by the change in his behavior. Adam stalks Anthony, visiting his office and calling him at home. Everyone, including Anthony's pregnant wife Helen (Sarah Gadon), confuse the two.

Adam and Anthony eventually meet in a hotel room and discover they are perfect copies of each other, including scarring. Adam is reserved and bookish while Anthony is aggressive and sexual. After following Mary to work, Anthony demands a sexual liason with her. Adam provides Anthony with clothes and the keys to his car, and Anthony takes Mary to the hotel where the two men met. Meanwhile, Adam breaks into Anthony's apartment and gets into bed with Helen, who seems to realize her partner is different and asks Adam to stay.

At the hotel, Mary panics when she sees the mark where Anthony's wedding ring usually sits and demands to know who he is, as her boyfriend doesn't wear a ring. She forces Anthony to drive her home, but the two get into a fight, and the car wrecks violently, killing them both.

The next day Adam dresses in Anthony's clothes, apparently ready to begin life as Anthony. Helen gets out of the shower enters the bedroom. Adam asks her a question, and, getting no response, follows her. As he turns the corner, he finds that she has transformed into an enormous tarantula which cowers from Adam. Adam reacts with a sigh.


Enemy received mostly positive reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, it holds a score of 71%, with an average score of 6.6/10, based on reviews from thirty critics. The site's consensus states: "With a twisty plot and tricky premise, Enemy sets itself up to fail — but thanks to a strong performance from Jake Gyllenhaal and smart direction from Denis Villeneuve, it hits the mark as a tense, uncommonly adventurous thriller."[5]


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