Angel Dust (Blutengel album)

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Angel Dust
Studio album by Blutengel
Released Germany September 30, 2002
Genre Darkwave, futurepop
Length 79:26
Label Out Of Line and SPV Records (Germany)
Producer Chris Pohl
Jens Gärtner
Blutengel chronology
Angel Dust
Demon Kiss
Singles from Angel Dust
  1. "Vampire Romance"
    Released: August 2002
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Discogs (3.4/5) [1]
Gothtronic (7.5/10) [2]

Angel Dust is the third studio album by Blutengel, but the first with Constance and Eva as the female vocalists. Vampire Romance Part I was released as a single preceeding the album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Angel Dust I"– 3:47
  2. "Stranded"– 5:15
  3. "Vampire Romance Part I"– 6:22
  4. "The End of Love" - 6:13
  5. "Iron Heart"– 5:02
  6. "Our Time"– 5:44
  7. "Wonderland"– 5:14
  8. "Angel Dust II"– 2:50
  9. "Black Wedding"– 3:38
  10. "I Will Follow"– 4:59
  11. "Silent Death"– 3:46
  12. "Angel of the Night"– 5:09
  13. "Keine Ewigkeit"– 5:46
  14. "Night of Sin"– 4:54
  15. "Vampire Romance Part II"– 5:49
  16. "Angel Dust III"– 5:01

Bonus CD (Limited Edition of 1500 copies)[edit]

  1. "Dark Skies"
  2. "Black Wedding (Dark embrace remix)
  3. "The End of Love (Remix by Black Heaven)"
  4. "Her Song"


  • All tracks written and produced by Christian "Chris" Pohl
  • Additional loops by Jens Gärtner
  • Male vocals by Chris Pohl
  • Female vocals on "Vampire Romance part I", "Our Time," "Black Wedding" and "Vampire Romance part II" by Constance Rudert
  • Female vocals on "Wonderland" and "Angel of the Night," by Eva Pölzing
  • Female vocals on "Keine Ewigkeit" by Constance, and Eva

Bonus CD[edit]


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