Antonio Zucchi

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Antonio Zucchi
Angelica Kaufmann Antonio Zucchi.jpg
Portrait (1781) by his wife, Angelica Kauffman
Born 1726
Died 1795
Nationality Italian
Known for Painting
Movement vedutisti

Antonio Zucchi (1726–1795) was an Italian painter of the Neoclassic period. Born in Venice and died in Rome. He married the painter Angelica Kauffman, who late in life, moved with him to Rome. He produced a number of etchings of capriccio and veduta of classical buildings or ruins. He worked with Robert Adam in the decoration of palaces in England. In England, he was elected as an associate to the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture in 1770. He was a pupil of the painter Francesco Fontebasso and Jacopo Amigoni.


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