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This article is about the Incubus song. For the De La Soul album, see Are You In?: Nike+ Original Run.
"Are You In?"
Single by Incubus
from the album Morning View
Released 2002
Recorded 2001
Genre Alternative rock, funk rock
Length 4:24 (album version)
3:25 (radio edit)
Label Epic/Immortal
Producer(s) Incubus
Incubus singles chronology
"Are You In?"

"Are You In?" is the fourth single from Incubus 4th full length album Morning View. In New Zealand it peaked at number 5 and was certified gold.

The song itself has elements of different styles in it, including jazz and swing music. The liner notes for the album contain no lyrics to this song (which all other songs have), most likely because there are very few lyrics. Although the words are very simple, it has become a fan favourite and a staple during live performances.


Many have speculated on what the song means; many have found that "Are you In" can refer to whatever the listener wants it to mean, although in the case of the video, it refers to a swingers club. Several have thought the song references smoking marijuana.[citation needed]

Brandon Boyd stated in an interview that the song was born from the start of a jam in the house on Morning View following an argument the band had. Someone started the groove and without talking, each member joined in one by one. Brandon said that he then went around the room with his microphone pointing to his bandmates and singing "It's so much better when everyone is in...are you in?"[citation needed]

Music video[edit]

A music video was made, although it did not gain much recognition. The video shows the band arriving and then performing in what appears to be a swingers club. The style of music as well as the video could suggest that the song is also about being "in" or "open" about swinging.


US CD Single

  1. "Are You In?"
  2. "Are You In? (Paul Oakenfold Remix)"
  3. "Wish You Were Here (Live)"
  4. "Warning (Live)"
  5. "Stellar (Live)"

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