Arita Porcelain Park

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Arita Porcelain Park
Zwinger Palace (Arita Porcelain Park).jpg
Replica of Zwinger Palace at the theme park "Arita Porcelain Park"
Coordinates 33°09′57″N 129°54′30″E / 33.165792°N 129.908266°E / 33.165792; 129.908266Coordinates: 33°09′57″N 129°54′30″E / 33.165792°N 129.908266°E / 33.165792; 129.908266
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The Arita Porcelain Park is a small theme park located in Arita town, Saga Prefecture, Japan. The Porcelain Park is a recreation of a traditional German village, and is located just on the outskirts of Arita on the road to Hasami. Most stunning is the reproduction of the “Zwinger,” a famous palace in the German city of Dresden. Inside the palace are impressive permanent exhibition of both European porcelain in one wing and Arita-yaki in the other. Behind the palace lies a European style garden. There is also a large ancient kiln which can be visited. The theme park also houses various stores selling both traditional Japanese and European-style products.

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