Arizona Dream (soundtrack)

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Arizona Dream
Soundtrack album by Goran Bregović
Released 1993
Genre Soundtrack
Length 46:08
Label Mercury Records

Soundtrack from Emir Kusturica's Arizona Dream by Goran Bregović featuring the vocals and lyrics of Iggy Pop on tracks 1, 4 & 6 and the lyrics of Emir Kusturica as well as the vocals of Iggy Pop on track 10. In the film, apart from the music on soundtrack, there are also three songs of Django Reinhardt.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Goran Bregović.

No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "In the Deathcar"   Iggy Pop 5:13
2. "Dreams"     3:34
3. "Old Home Movie"     5:04
4. "TV Screen"   Iggy Pop 5:19
5. "7/8 & 11/8"     4:52
6. "Get the Money"   Iggy Pop 4:52
7. "Gunpowder"     4:46
8. "Gypsy Reggae"     3:03
9. "Death"     5:13
10. "This Is a Film"   Emir Kusturica 4:14


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