Arkansas Highway 239

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Highway 239 marker

Highway 239
Route information
Maintained by AHTD
Highway system
Hwy. 235 Hwy. 242

Arkansas Highway 239 is the name of three state highways in Mississippi County.[1]

Route description[edit]

Section 0[edit]

Highway 239
Location: Osceola
Length: 1.47 mi[2] (2.37 km)

Highway 239 is a 1.47-mile (2.37 km) state highway near Osceola. Hwy. 239 begins at an intersection with Hwy. 325 south of Osceola and heads east first crossing railroad tracks at-grade then a three-way intersection. Hwy. 239 turns north at this intersection into Osceola. Just inside the city limits, state maintenance ends and the road continues as Chestnut Street.[1]

Section 1[edit]

Highway 239
Location: Blytheville
Length: 4.35 mi[2] (7.00 km)

Highway 239 is a 4.35-mile (7.00 km) state highway that runs from Hwy. 148 to Hwy. 18 in Blytheville. Starting from Hwy. 148, it heads due north towards Blytheville. The highway enters the city limits as it crosses over I-55. Its name becomes South Ruddle Road as it passes the Hwy. 312 / East Sawyer Street intersection. It intersects the western terminus of Hwy. 239S and a railroad before ending at Hwy. 18 / East Main Street.[1]

Blytheville spur[edit]

Highway 239S
Location: Blytheville
Length: 1.73 mi[2] (2.78 km)

Highway 239 Spur (Hwy. 239S) is a spur route in Blytheville. It is 1.73 miles (2.78 km) in length and known locally as Locust Street.

Section 2[edit]

Highway 239
Location: BlythevilleHalf Moon
Length: 5.95 mi[2] (9.58 km)

Highway 239 is a 5.95-mile (9.58 km) state highway that connects Blytheville with the Half Moon area. It begins at Hwy. 18 at the Blytheville city limits and heads west for about 1.3 miles (2.1 km) before making a sharp left turn towards the south then gradually curves back to the west. It ends at Hwy. 181.[1]


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