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Artangel is a London-based arts organisation founded in 1985 by Roger Took.[1] Directed since 1991 by James Lingwood and Michael Morris, it has commissioned and produced a string of notable site-specific works, plus several projects for TV, film, radio and the web. Notable past works include the Turner Prize-winning House by Rachel Whiteread (1993),[2] Break Down by Michael Landy (2001) and Seizure by Roger Hiorns (2008–2010), also nominated for the Turner Prize in 2009.[3]

A 2002 article in The Daily Telegraph described the organisation as creating "art that operates by ambush, rather than asking you to pay up before you see it",[4] while a 2007 profile in The Observer noted that "Artangel has worked with exceptional artists to produce some of the most resonant works of our time, in some very unusual places".[5] These have included a condemned council flat (Seizure, 2008–2010), a former postal sorting office (Küba, 2005), a vacated general plumbing store (An Area of Outstanding Unnatural Beauty, 2002) and the former Oxford Street branch of the C&A department store (Break Down, 2001).

Ongoing projects[edit]

While many of Artangel's projects are intrinsically temporary, certain works have a longer-term remit.

1 January 2000 saw the launch of Jem Finer's Longplayer, a musical composition which will continue playing until the end of the year 2999. Longplayer can be heard via an online stream, at listening posts internationally and at occasional live performances.

In 2007, a former municipal library building in the Icelandic town of Stykkishólmur was transformed into VATNASAFN/Library of Water, a project by Roni Horn that includes an archive of glacial water and a selection of weather 'reports' by residents of Iceland. It operates as a community space and is host to a writers' residency programme.

Janet Cardiff's East London audio walk The Missing Voice (Case Study B) (1999) is still available as a download from the Artangel website.[6]

Sukdhev Sandhu's 2005 commission Night Haunts, an exploration of London during night-time, is available as a standalone website,[7] as is Melanie Gilligan's 2008 Artangel Interaction project Crisis in the Credit System.[8]

Several other works, such as Richard Billingham's Fishtank (1998), Paul Pfeiffer's The Saints (2007) and Charles LeDray's Mens Suits (2009), continue to be exhibited internationally.

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov's 1998 work The Palace of Projects resides permanently at a former salt store in the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen, Germany.

Notable patrons as special angels include Carolyn Dailey.

Artangel Interaction[edit]

Interaction is a department within Artangel dedicated to collaborative projects which involve specific communities in their creative process. Projects include Smother (2009) by Sarah Cole and young parents from the Coram foundation and Did You Kiss the Foot that Kicked You? by Ruth Ewan and buskers from across London. Rachel Anderson has been Head of Interaction since 2007.

Artangel Commissions, 1992 - 2010[edit]

  • 1992 Stephan Balkenhol, Head of a Man / Figure on a Buoy
  • 1992 Juan MuNoz, Untitled (Monument)
  • 1992 Michael Clark, Mmm...
  • 1992 Hans-Peter Kuhn, Five Floors
  • 1992 Helen Chadwick / David Wojnarowicz, Mundo Positive
  • 1993 Melanie Counsell, Coronet Cinema
  • 1993 Bethan Huws / The Bistritsa Babi, Work for the North Sea
  • 1993 Rachel Whiteread, House
  • 1994 Graeme Miller / Mary Lemley, Listening Ground, Lost Acres
  • 1995 Tatsuo Miyajima, Running Time / Clear Zero
  • 1995 Brian Eno / Laurie Anderson, Self Storage
  • 1995 Matthew Barney, Cremaster 4
  • 1995 Robert Wilson / Hans-Peter Kuhn, H.G.
  • 1996 Gabriel Orozco, Empty Club
  • 1997 Dana Caspersen / William Forsythe / Joel Ryan, Tight Roaring Circle
  • 1997 Neil Bartlett, The Seven Sacraments of Nicolas Poussin
  • 1997 Gavin Bryars / Juan MuNoz, A Man in a Room, Gambling
  • 1997 Alain Platel / Arne Sierens, Bernadetje
  • 1998 Ilya & Emilia Kabakov, The Palace of Projects
  • 1998 Neil Bartlett / Nicolas Bloomfield / Leah Hausman, Seven Sacraments
  • 1998 Scanner, Surface Noise
  • 1998 Augusto Boal, The Art of Legislation
  • 1998 Richard Billingham, Fishtank
  • 1999 John Berger / Simon McBurney, The Vertical Line
  • 1999 Douglas Gordon, Feature Film
  • 1999 Rachel Lichtenstein / Iain Sinclair, Rodinsky’s Whitechapel
  • 1999 Janet Cardiff, The Missing Voice (Case Study B)
  • 1999 Deborah Bull / Gill Clarke / Siobhan Davies, 13 Different Keys
  • 2000 Jem Finer, Longplayer
  • 2000 Susan Hiller, Witness
  • 2000 Tony Oursler, The Influence Machine
  • 2001 Michael Landy, Break Down
  • 2001 Alain Platel and The Shout / Sophie Fiennes, Because I Sing
  • 2001 Jeremy Deller / Mike Figgis, The Battle of Orgreave
  • 2002 Atom Egoyan, Steenbeckett
  • 2002 Richard Wentworth, An Area of Outstanding Unnatural Beauty
  • 2002 Steve McQueen, Caribs’ Leap / Western Deep
  • 2002 Shoja Azari / Sussan Deyhim / Ghasem Ebrahimian / Shirin Neshat, The Logic of the Birds
  • 2002 Matthew Barney, The Cremaster Cycle screening / Cremaster Field
  • 2003 Giya Kancheli, Imber
  • 2003 Cameron Jamie Kranky Klaus / BB / Spook House
  • 2003 Donald Urquhart/Chris Robson, Noel Noir
  • 2003 David Blandy, Backslang
  • 2004 Gregor Schneider, Die Familie Schneider
  • 2005 Kutlug Ataman, Küba
  • 2005 Wendy Ewald, Towards A Promised Land
  • 2005-06 Various, Nights of London
  • 2005 Francis Alÿs, Seven Walks
  • 2007 Roni Horn, VATNASAFN / Library of Water
  • 2007 Ruth Ewan, Did You Kiss the Foot that Kicked You?
  • 2007 Penny Woolcock, Exodus
  • 2007 Paul Pfeiffer, The Saints
  • 2008 Various, TAZ
  • 2008 Catherine Yass, High Wire
  • 2008 Heiner Goebbels, Stifter's Dinge
  • 2008 Roger Hiorns, Seizure
  • 2008 Melanie Gilligan, Crisis in the Credit System
  • 2009 Alan Kane, Life Class: Today's Nude
  • 2009 Charles LeDray, Mens Suits
  • 2009 Karen Mirza & Brad Butler, The Museum of Non Participation
  • 2010 Oreet Ashery, Staying: Dream, Bin, Soft Stud and Other Stories
  • 2010 Clio Barnard, The Arbor
  • 2010 Judith Clark and Adam Phillips, The Concise Dictionary of Dress
  • 2010 Sarah Cole and Coram young parents, Smother
  • 2010 Mike Kelley, Mobile Homestead


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