Astoria, Budapest

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Astoria is the colloquial, unofficial name of a major road intersection in the Budapest city centre and it can also refer to a station of the M2 metro line. It is named after Grand Hotel Astoria at its corner.

It is the crossing point of Rákóczi út and Small Boulevard. At its corner can be found the Humanities Faculty of the Eötvös Loránd University and the Hungarian National Museum beside it. Dohány Street Synagogue is located in the opposite direction, around 200 m far from this junction.

The neighbouring metro stations are Calvin Square and Ferenc Deák Square along the Small Boulevard and Square of the Franciscans and Lujza Blaha Square along Rákóczi Road.

Coordinates: 47°29′40″N 19°3′36″E / 47.49444°N 19.06000°E / 47.49444; 19.06000