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This article is about the former academic institution before its merger with the University of Alberta in 2004. For its post-2004 history, see University of Alberta Augustana Faculty. For other institutions with the same name, see Augustana College (disambiguation). For other uses of Augustana, see Augustana (disambiguation).
Augustana University College
Active 1910–2004
Type Private
Religious affiliation Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Location Camrose, Alberta, Canada
53°00′45″N 112°49′30″W / 53.0124°N 112.825°W / 53.0124; -112.825Coordinates: 53°00′45″N 112°49′30″W / 53.0124°N 112.825°W / 53.0124; -112.825
Former names Camrose Lutheran College, Camrose Lutheran University College
Colours Red and Black         
Nickname The Vikings

Augustana University College was a Lutheran college in Camrose, Alberta, Canada, from 1910 until its 2004 merger with the University of Alberta. It was established by Norwegian settlers.[1] Now known as the Augustana Faculty of the University of Alberta, it began its operations in 1910 under the name Camrose Lutheran College.[2] In its early years, it provided a significant opportunity for secondary education and was recognized for the quality of its academic program and its endeavour to provide an education that extended beyond the intellect to the "heart and its affections." As such, the university emphasized residence life and students were highly involved in on-campus programs which formed a pivotal part of the university experience. Augustana began offering university work in the fall of 1959 as an affiliated college of the University of Alberta and added a second year of the university transfer program in 1969. It became Alberta's first private university in 1985 when the first B.A. degrees were granted.[3]

On July 1, 2004, Augustana University College merged with the University of Alberta to become a separate faculty and satellite campus of the university.


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