Autódromo Chiapas

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Autódromo Chiapas
Autodromo Chiapas logo.png
Location Berriozábal, Mexico
Time zone GMT-6
Grand Prix Circuit
Surface Asphalt
Length 2.025 km (1.25 mi)
Surface Asphalt
Length 1.2 km (0.75 mi)
Banking 12°

Autódromo Chiapas is an tri-oval track in Berriozábal, Chiapas. The venue has a capacity fot 17,000 people. The oval has a length of 1.2 km (3/4 mile). Inner configuration has 2.05 km (1 1/4 mile) of length and 12° of banking in the turns. In October 12, 2008 was inaugurated with a NASCAR Corona Series race.[1]

The main event in this venue is the NCS. Also hosted local events (karting, touring cars, drag racing).


Oval layout

The racetrack is a D-shape oval of 0.75 miles with 12° of banking. The track is run counter-clockwise. This layout is used by NASCAR Corona Series, since 2008 to 2011.

The main road configuration has 1.25 miles of length. At the turn 2 exit, the layout enters to infield, and return in previous the turn 3. This layout is used for LATAM Challenge Series in 2010.

NASCAR Corona Series[edit]

Autódromo Chiapas has been venue for NCS since 2008, and was venue in 2010 for the first night race of this category.[2]

Season Date Winner Laps Distance (km)
2008 October 12 Mexico Antonio Pérez 124 149
2009 May 17 Mexico Rogelio López 147 176
2009 November 8 Mexico Homero Richards 152 182
2010 May 22 Mexico Germán Quiroga 200 240
2010 October 31 Mexico José Luis Ramírez 180 216
2011 May 15 TBD 200 240
2011 October 23 TBD 200 240

Legal issues[edit]

Currently OSPE a local company alleged the propriety of the track, but in March 2010 Ocesa through Promotracks took the control of the Autodrómo, because a debt of 93 millions of pesos.[3] However, since 2011 Promotracks website is down, and the track is near of the abandon.[4]


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Coordinates: 16°46′43″N 93°15′03″W / 16.7787°N 93.2507°W / 16.7787; -93.2507