Autonomous University of Tamaulipas

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Autonomous University of Tamaulipas
Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas
Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas logo.png
Motto Spanish: Verdad, belleza, probidad [1]
Motto in English Truth, Beauty, Probity
Established 30 October 1950[1]
Type Public university
Rector M.E.S. José María Leal Gutiérrez
Location Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico
22°16′34″N 97°51′47″W / 22.276151°N 97.86296°W / 22.276151; -97.86296Coordinates: 22°16′34″N 97°51′47″W / 22.276151°N 97.86296°W / 22.276151; -97.86296
Campus Several across the state; mostly urban.
Former names Educación Profesional de Tampico, A.C. (Tampico's Professional Education)[1]
Nickname Correcaminos (Roadrunners)
Mascot Roadrunner bird (Roadrunners)

The Autonomous University of Tamaulipas (in Spanish: Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas, UAT) is a Mexican public university based in Victoria, Tamaulipas. Throughout the larger cities of Reynosa, Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, and Tampico and smaller cities of Ciudad Mante and Valle Hermoso are UAT campuses that offer undergraduate studies.

Each of the various university faculties offer graduate studies leading to the Master's or Doctorate Degree. The Faculty of Medicine of Tampico offers the professional degree of Physician & Surgeon (Medico-Cirujano) as well as post-graduate specialty certificates in: pediatrics, internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics & gynecology, family practice, and intensive care medicine. The university's "Center of Excellence" (Centro de Excelencia) sponsors specialized professional certificates and studies for the state of Tamaulipas.


It was founded on 30 October 1950 at the port of Tampico as Educación Profesional de Tampico, A.C. (Tampico's Professional Education),[1] a civil organization that sponsored a Faculty of Law and a Faculty of Medicine that were later incorporated into a public school under the auspices of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.[1] On 5 November 1972 it was recognized as an autonomous university.[1]

Since Ciudad Victoria is the Tamaulipas capital city, the rectory building and the main administrative offices are headquartered in there. The main faculties of business, law, natural sciences, education and agriculture are based there as well. Ciudad Victoria is also the home of the university's football soccer team, the Correcaminos UAT.

The principal site of medicine, dentistry, nursing, law and engineering are in Tampico. The northern Tamaulipas cities of Matamoros and Nuevo Laredo each have smaller university campuses.


City College[2]
Nuevo Laredo UAM de Comercio, Administración y Ciencias Sociales

(Faculties of Business, Administration and Social Sciences)

Nuevo Laredo UAM de Enfermería

(Faculty of Nursing)

Reynosa UAM de Reynosa Rodhe
Reynosa UAM de Reynosa Aztlan
Valle Hermoso Escuela de Estudios Profesionales

(School of Professional Studies)

Heroica Matamoros Facultad de Medicina e ISC de Matamoros

(Medical and Engineer Faculty of Matamoros)

Heroica Matamoros Unidad Académica Multidisciplinaria de Matamoros - UAT

(Multidisciplinary Academic Unit of Matamoros)

Ciudad Victoria UAM Francisco Hernández García
Ciudad Victoria Facultad de Comercio y Administración Victoria

(Faculty of Business and Administration)

Ciudad Victoria Facultad de Ingeniería y Ciencias

(Faculty of Engineering and Science)

Ciudad Victoria Facultad de Enfermería Victoria

(Faculty of Nursing)

Ciudad Victoria UA Trabajo Social y Ciencias para el Desarollo Humano

(Faculty of Social Work and Human Development)

Ciudad Victoria UAM Ciencias, Educación y Humanidades

(Faculty of Sciences, Education and the Humanities)

Ciudad Victoria Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia

(Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zoology)

Ciudad Victoria Centro de Excelencia

(University Center of Excellence)

Ciudad Mante UAM Mante Centro
Ciudad Mante Preparatoria Mante

(Preparatory School)

Tampico Facultad de Enfermería Tampico

(Faculty of Nursing)

Tampico Facultad de Medicina de Tampico

(Faculty of Medicine of Tampico)

Tampico UA Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales

(Faculty of Law and Sociology)

Tampico Facultad de Comercio y Administración Tampico

(Faculty of Business and Administration)

Tampico Facultad de Música

(Faculty of Music)

Tampico Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo

(Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Development)

Tampico Facultad de Odontología

(Faculty of Dentistry)

Tampico Facultad de Ingeniería "Arturo Narro Siller"

(Faculty of Engineering)

Tampico Centro de Lenguas Extranjeras Tampico

(Faculty of Language)


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