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Baba Balak Nath

Baba Balak Nath or Sidh Baba Balak Nath Hindi: बाबा बालक नाथ जी, Punjabi: ਬਾਬਾ ਬਾਲਕ ਨਾਥ ਜੀ is a Hindu deity worshipped in the northern Indian states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. His shrine is known as "Deotsidh". It is 45 Kilometers from "Hamirpur"Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh and is on the border of Hamirpur and Bilaspur districts of Himachal Pradesh, India. Baba Balak Nath Temple is situated at the village of "Chakmoh" in the district of Hamirpur on the hill top, in a natural cave/"Gufa" carved in the hills, considered to be the abode of Baba. An Idol-Image of Baba is placed in the cave. The devotees offer Sweet Indian Flour Bread"Roti" (a bread made of raw sugar/"Gur"Jaggery mixed with wheat flour and cooked in Pure Ghee)at the altar of Baba, ( When pure clarified sugarcane juice is boiled, what is left as solid is called as Gur which is called jaggery also). Goats are also offered to Baba as a gesture for his love. Goats are not slaughtered though; rather they are being fed and taken care of. The entry of women devotees is prohibited in the cave. However, there is a raised platform just opposite to the cave from where the women can have Darshan of the Babaji's Idol. Just 6 (six) kilometers ahead of the "Deot-Sidh" Temple, there is a small town named "Shah-talai” where Babaji is said to have practiced penance. The ancient name of this place was Changer-Talai. Baba Balak Nath’s worship and grazing Mata Ratno’s cattle’s, later returning her mattress of Chach-it got famous by the name of Chahtalai which later turned to Shahtalai, where Baba is said to have practiced disambiguationDhyana meditation.

Other Depictions[edit]

The origin does have a confirmation also in:Sidh Baba in Jana Srutis: Innumberable Jana Srutis sing praises to the divinity of Baba Balak Nath:

His birth references among 84 proven & exacted Chaurasi Siddhas:We narrate the Lord Shiva’s Gospel of Immortality[Amar Katha] as the Ballads of devotion[Jana Srutis] in this context. Amar Katha is a Puranic[puranas] story about the origin of Baba. As told, a parrot nestling incidentally heard the Amar Katha Srimad Bhagavatam, The Gospel of Immortality, being narraated by "Lord Shiva" to "Parvati". Lord Shiva’s Trident ‘Trishul’ followed parrot nestling. Parrot nestling hid in the stomach of the wife of Rishi (Sage) Vyasa and requested a promise of forgiveness from Lord Shiva for coming out. The promise was that when parrot nestling would come out in human form, it along with all the children born at that time might become eternal. Lord Shiva agreed for that and an extraordinary beautiful lad came out and vowed before Lord Shiva for blessing. This lad famed as ‘Sukdev Muni’, later on. Baba Balak Nath was one of the nine ‘Nathas’ and eighty four ‘Sidhas’ born at that time Emanation of Lord Shankra in ‘Dvapara Yuga’: According to ‘Lok Srutis’ Baba Ji reincarnates in every Time Frame that is termed as Yuga in Hindu Religious structure of time. He was known as ‘Skanda’ in ‘Sat Yuga’, ‘Kaul’ in ‘Treta Yuga’ and ‘Mahakaul’ in ‘Dvapra Yuga’. ‘Mahakaul’ of ‘Dvapra Yuga’, while visiting ‘Kailasha Parvata’, met an old woman on the way. The old lady asked of his mission and destination. After listening to him she advised ‘Mahakaul’ to meditate on the bank of ‘Mansarovar’ and request ‘Mother Parvati’ (who would come there for bathing on special occasions), help him in reaching ‘Lord Shiva’. ‘Mahakaul’ acted as told and became successful in his mission of reaching ‘Lord Shiva’. On seeing ‘Balayogi Mahakaul’, ‘Lord Shiva’ became very happy and blessed Baba to be the ‘Sidha symbol’ of worshipping for devotees in ‘Kaliyuga’ and his childlike image to remain forever.

The Birth, the Education & the Boon of Lord Shiva to Baba Balak Nath[edit]

Baba Balak Nath is believed to be a Re-incarnation of Lord Kartikeya son of Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati, born Sat-Yuga (Time Frame in Hindu Scriptures) to annihilate demon Tarkasur. Dear to Goddess Ganga & came on the Earthly Abode as the son of a Pandit (Name Prefix for Brahmins) Vishnu and Lakshmi, in Kathiawad Junagadh, Gujarat. The childless couple was granted a baby-boy as a Boon by Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for the meditation & medicated prayers performed by the couple, at Girnar. The boy was named ‘Dev’. Dev later on became completely devoted to ‘Bhagvad devotion’. He got his formal education in Kashi here he mastered & recited Vedas. Back in Junagadh, He meditated on Lord Shiva. On a matter of marriage proposal, He left home to attain eternity & ‘Parma Sidhi’. Under the guidance of Guru Dattatreya Nath ji he learnt the attained mastership in concept of ‘Sidhas’. On attaining the ‘Sidha’, Dev became popularly known as BABA BALAK NATH.

Another Narration regarding BABA in Locale[edit]

Another narration goes as: The Child was named "Bal Shiva" by Pandit Vishnu and Lakshmi. Bal Shiva was no ordinary child and was very dear to Vishnu and Lakshmi. At an age of 5 yrs however, other parents started complaining about him and one day Lakshmi could not bear it and slapped him. After this incident, during the night Bal Shiva felt that nobody loves him and left the house and decided to die.Suddenly Naratha muni appeared in front of him and made him remembered about the blessing of Lord Shiva to be the ‘Sidha symbol’ of worshipping for devotees in ‘Kaliyuga’ and his childlike image to remain forever. Bal Shiva realized everything and asked for forgiveness from Naratha muni. Narath muni then gave him the mantra "Jai guru Dattatreya" to enchant to Bal Shiva and said that he would make you his disciple.

Meeting Guru[edit]

After leaving Junagadh, Bal Shiva went to Vrindavan. Here he meditated to please Lord Shiva., Gorakshnath was visiting Vrindavan with his disciples. When he saw a divine child (Bal Shiva) meditating, he was impressed by the Child's dedication & faith, thus wanted the child Shiva as his disciple, Baba ji sensed his intentions, but already having a guru, 'Guru Dattatreya Nath Ji', he could not take another Guru. So Baba ji, with his spiritual powers left this place. Baba ji, goes to Shatalai.

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Baba in Tijara[edit]

Baba and King BhartriHari stayed at the house of a Kumhara (Potter). Satisfied and happy with the Potter's devotion, Baba blessed him with a huge amount of hidden gold, which Kumhara unearthed after Baba had left. The Kumhara realized the miracle and Babaji's blessings. After leaving Tijara, BhartriHari went to Ujjain to meet his family.

Meeting Mata Ratno in ShahTalai[edit]

During the holy journey Baba Balak Nath ji was passing through an old village. Baba balak nath ji had seen old women with her cows; cow was trying to break the rope. The Old women was unable to control the cows. On seeing this, Baba balak nath ji Asked the old women, " Oh Mother " , who are you, isn’t there someone to help you. The Old Women Replied , My name is Ratno and I am widow. I have no family and Nobody has or is willing to help me. Mata Ratno then asked Baba Balak Nath Ji , Who are you, where have you come from? Baba Balak Nath Ji replied , Mata my name is Balak Nath and I am Sanyasi. I am on my Holy journey to Holy Places. Mata Ratno could not understand to " Sanyasi " . Baba Balak Nath Ji explained to Mata Ratno. Hearing all Mata Ratno told Baba Balak Nath Ji. " I cannot fully understand what have you just said. But I want you to stay with me as my own son and look after my cows and me. After hearing Mata Ratno, Baba balak nath ji told Mata Ratno. Mata Ji, I am a sanyasi and sanyasi’s are not allowed to stay with Gharisti. But Mata Ratno, Could not understand to anything. She just wants baba ji as his son. Baba ji than Sit in meditation and realized that, Mata Ratno was not anybody. She had been reborn as Mata Ratno from the demon Mahishee to whom he had given a boon that a time will come when I will stay with you as a son. But there is another angle to this Story. Some People believe that during the baba Balak Nath Ji’s journey to himayalas, He remained at Dharmo’s house for 12 Gharis. Baba balak Nath ji has to rapay by staying with her and lok after her cows for a certain period. Baba balak nath ji agreed to stay with Mata Ratno and to look after her cows and her. Baba balak nath ji asked Mata Ratno. " What I have to do. " Mata Ratno Replied that, " You will have to look after all my cows, look after them while they are eating in the forest make sure nobody steel their milk. " Baba Balak Nath Ji started grazing the cows. Every day they went to the jungle and meditate there

The Miracles at Shahtalai[edit]

There is also the description of the miracle that in Shahtalai, Baba bought rains to help the farmers in the dry season. In fact the King of Bilaspur [3] also sought the blessings of the Bal Shiva Yogi after he heard about Baba. It is a popular folklore, wherever the Bala Yogi walked a cloud went along sheltering him. The King of Bilaspur was amazed to see the clouds rendering service to Baba. People in Shah-talai became devotees of the Bal Yogi. Mata Ratno was very happy to have her son in service. Whenever she sees Babaji in meditation, she used to bring Roti (Chapati) and Lassi (made from churning curd and water) for him.

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Baba Balaknath And Guru Gorakshnath[edit]

Balaknath was a great Bhakta of Universal Mother. When Lord Kartikey left the home as per the Legend. Mother Parvati used to come down to the earth to meet her son Lord Kartikey. Mother Parvati requested him to come back to home. He agreed,but said I will take birth on the earth for my Bhakta's/Devotees. On this, Lord Kartikey requested Mother Parvati to find a guru for him when he takes birth on the earth. Mother Parvati said Gorakhnath is a yogic manifestation of Shiva.

Lord Kartikey was incarnated as Balaknath in Kalyug, and Guru Dattatreya was his Guru.

Guru Goraknath ji, wanted to make Baba ji his disciple, he came to Baba ji & asked for food for him & his 360 chela/disciples. Baba ji said i dont eat, but there was a calf that gave no milk, Baba ji said i'll give you all milk. So Baba ji, using his divine powers put his hand on the calf & it gave milk into a Gamla/Pot.

All 360 chela of Guru Goraknath ji had milk until there stomachs were full out of the Gamla. After seeing the divine power of Baba Balak Nath ji, all were shocked. Goraknath ji still wanted Baba ji as his disciple, so he threw sacred vabhuti/ash, on to Baba ji's feet & Baba ji's Powe/wooden sandals became Golden. Baba ji then too vabhuti/ash, from the duna/sacree fire & threw it at Goraknath ji's powe/wooden sandels, and Goraknath Ji's, 360 disciple's, powe/wooden sandals turned into Gold.

Everyone including Goraknath Ji were shocked and amazed at Baba ji's divine power.

Goraknath ji then decided to throw his mirg shalla/ deer skin high into the sky, where it stayed, & asked Baba ji to bring it down. Baba Balak Nath ji, threw his Chimta up into the sky & tore the Mrig Shala to pieces. Then Baba ji asked Goraknath ji to brjng Baba ji's, Chimta down to earth, but he could not it remained in the sky until he gave up. Then Baba ji recalled his Chimta/(Sacred Metal, consist of 2pieces joined together at 1 end).

After getting Angry, at his defeat, Goraknath forcibly tried to make Baba Ji, Mundra/Earings, of Goraknath Ji's disciples. Goraknath order his disciple to grab Baba ji, Goraknath Ji used his chimata to pierce Baba Ji's ears. Out of one ear came milk & the other water, all were shocked. Baba ji the left this place.

Later on Goraknath accepted defeat, as Shri Guru Dattatreya Nath ji, Vishnu Bramha Mahesh Ji gave him & Baba Ji dharshan and explained, that Baba ji Kalyug da avtaree & Goraknath should give him his blessings.

At which point Goraknath ji gave Baba Balak Nath ji, his blessings.

Baba Ji & All Saints, are Rab roop/ form of God, come here to help and save mankind.

There are also 84 Maha Siddhas as per the Nath tradition, founded by Shambhujati Guru Gorakhnath. This information can be checked and verified at any Nath math and temples in India and across the world.

Babaji takes a Leave from Mother Ratno[edit]

Baba came back to Shah-talai and meditated again deep on Lord Shiva. Meanwhile, the cows he used to take care, were left unattended for sometime. One day the cows ravaged fields of the village and villagers complained to Ratno demanding the compensation. Ratno came with the villagers to tree where Baba was meditating and asked for money in lieu of the food ( (Indian Flour Cake) Roti and Lassi (mix of Churned Curd & water)), she had given him for 12 years, as compoensation for the damage to the villagers. But that was again a miracle which the villagers witnessed, that fields were in unharmed state, which they were, before being ravaged by the cows.

It is said that after this, Baba dug his ForkChimta at the base of the tree, under which he used to meditate. The Chapattis served by Mata Ratno for 12 years came out. With another hit of Chimta (Fork), He bought out Lassi. After this Baba straddled his Vahana (Celestial Ride) Peacock and left for Dhaulagiri.

Some Facts about Baba Balak Nath[edit]

1.Guru Gorakhnath is the second Guru in Navnath Tradition and was an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

2. Guru Gorakhnath ji tested Baba Balak Nath ji's, powers & bhagti, by trying to make him, his disciple.

3. Baba Balak Nath ji, remembered his Guru ji, 'Shri Guru Dattatreya Nath ji' and overcame every obsticale and won all tests of 'Shakti' /Spirtual power, made by Guru Goraknath ji.

4. Guru Dattatreya Nath ji, is a anvtar of Vishnu, Bramha, Mahesh ji, and is Baba Balak Nath ji's, Guru ji. Baba Balak Nath is not any of the Navnath. Baba Balak Nath is a siddha.

5. Kudnu (goat), offered at the temples of Babaji is none other than Kankaneta which can travel at the speed of mind. Varun gave it to Kartikeya, when he killed Tarakasur. The Kudnu is just offered (not killed) in Baba Balak Nath's temple.

6. Female Devotees are prohibited from entering the interiors of Baba Balak Nath temple. It is said that once Mata "Mother"Parvati, missing his son Kartikeya, took a form of cat and visited Junagarh to meet Bala Shiva. Bala Shiva played a lot with the cat. The cat left after sometime. After 1–2 days when Babaji missed Mata Parvati, he came to Kailash to meet her and saw scratches on Mata Parvati's face. Babaji enquired Mata about this, to which Mata informed that she had taken the form of cat to meet Babaji and he gave her (as a cat) the scratches through his hands. Babaji soon realized that ladies are very delicate and Baba is coarse like stone. So he prohibited women from entering his durbar. This has been mentioned by Ramakrishna Paramhansa in his book Jyoti.

7. Peacock as a Vahana was given to Kartikeya by Rishi (Sage) Garuna. The peacock was Rishi Garuna's son Chitravarhana. Baba Balak Nath ji is blessed by Lord Shiva that he will always remain 12 years old. That is why Baba Ji devotees remember him from the name of Baba Balak Nath.

Sidh Baba Balak Nath Temple Trust[edit]

  1. Temple has a trust namely ‘Sidh Baba Balak Nath Temple Trust’ that keeps a watch on the functioning of the temple. ‘Mela’s are organized during Holi festival. Every Sunday is considered auspicious day of Babaji and consequently attracts huge devotees on this day.Food becomes available for public at about 11 a.m. Food in ‘Langar’ can also be had in evening after the prayer.

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