Baba Ramdev (film)

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Baba Ramdev
Directed by Nawal Mathur
Manibhai Vyas
Produced by Ramraj Nahata
Written by Nawal Mathur
Starring Mahipal (actor)Mahipal
Anita Guha
Narrated by Nawal Mathur
Music by Pandit Shivram
Cinematography Narottam
Edited by I M Kunu
Release date(s) 1963
Running time 144 minutes
Country India
Language Rajasthani

Baba Ramdev is a 1963 Rajasthani language devotional feature film directed by Nawal Mathur and Manibhai Vyas,[1] and based on the life of the folk deity Shree Baba Ramdevji.[2]


The film was made in the 1960s and became a big commercial success in its time, being considered a hit for Rajasthani cinema.[3][4] This was a milestone in the history of the Rajasthani movie industry.[5]

The popular bhajan songs "Khamma Khamma" and "Runecha ra Dhaniya" are from this movie.


88 Rajasthani films had been produced in the period of mid-1942 to 2004. With the emergence of VCD and DVD technology, films which had otherwise been unavailable for years have become marketable and are being re-released in video format. Baba Ramdev was re-released by 'Modern Videos of Ajmer'.[6]



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