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Baragowah is a village in Pakistan, west of the city of Jhelum, on Potohar Plateau.

It is about 30 km from Domeli More, GT Road. Notable sites nearby are Rohtas Fort in the East and Tilla Jogian, the highest peak in the Eastern salt range.


Agriculture is the main occupation.


The Ghakkar, Jatt, Mughal, Gujjar, Mirza, Kashmiri Butt, and Naqvi Bukhari Sadat in minority


The village hosts a dispensary, Medical stores, bakeries, petrol agencies, General stores, Utility stores, auto mobile shops, mobile shops etc.


The village is a center of education, enrolling students from surrounding villages. Primary and secondary schools educate boys and girls. Most people are literate.

The main schools are:

  • Govt. High School For Boys.
  • Govt. High School For Girls.
  • Jinnah Public School (Private)
  • Quaid-e-Millat Public School (Private)


Baragowah—Punjab College is a private college.

Academies and Computer Institutes[edit]

Al Madina Islamic school and Computer Academy Baragowah are among many private academies.


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Coordinates: 32°54′26″N 73°23′4″E / 32.90722°N 73.38444°E / 32.90722; 73.38444