Barka River

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Barka River
Tokar Delta.jpg
The Tokar delta with the Barka (bottom)
Origin Eritrean Highlands
Mouth Red sea at the Tokar Delta
Basin countries Eritrea, Sudan
Avg. discharge 0.8 m3/a (28 cu ft/a) (at mouth)[1]
Basin area 66,200 km2 (25,600 sq mi)
Right tributaries Anseba Shet'

Barka River (Arabic: نهر بركةnahr Baraka) flows from the Eritrean Highlands to the plains of Sudan. With a length of over 640 km, it rises just outside Asmara and flows in a northwestern direction through Agordat. The river merges with the Anseba River near the border with Sudan.[2]

In Sudan, the Barka flows seasonally to a delta on the Red Sea, near the town of Tokar.

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Coordinates: 18°15′N 37°38′E / 18.250°N 37.633°E / 18.250; 37.633