Battle of Odelltown

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Battle of Odelltown
Part of the Lower Canada Rebellion
Battle at Odelltown.
Date November 9, 1838
Location Odelltown, Quebec
Result Loyalist victory
United Kingdom Loyalist Canadians Flag of the Patriote movement (Lower Canada).svg Patriotes
Commanders and leaders
Lewis Odell
Charles McAllister
Robert Nelson
Médard Hébert
Charles Hindelang
1000 Loyalists 500–600 Patriotes
Casualties and losses
6 dead
9 wounded
10–12 killed[1]
15 wounded[2]

The Battle of Odelltown was fought on November 9, 1838 between Loyal volunteer forces under Lewis Odell and Charles McAllister and Lower Canada rebels under Robert Nelson, Médard Hébert and Charles Hindelang. The Patriote rebels were defeated in this battle, the last one of the Lower Canada Rebellion of 1838.