Bear Brook (Ontario)

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Bear Brook
Country Canada
Province Ontario
 - location Edwards, Ontario
 - coordinates 45°19′32″N 75°28′22″W / 45.32556°N 75.47278°W / 45.32556; -75.47278
Mouth South Nation River
 - location The Nation Township
 - coordinates 45°25′10.5″N 75°04′13″W / 45.419583°N 75.07028°W / 45.419583; -75.07028Coordinates: 45°25′10.5″N 75°04′13″W / 45.419583°N 75.07028°W / 45.419583; -75.07028

Bear Brook is a small creek in the Eastern Ontario region, mostly located within the municipal boundaries of Ottawa and Clarence-Rockland. It forms in the fields and forests just north of Edwards, and flows in a mostly eastern direction to its mouth in the South Nation River. Communities along the brook include Edwards, Carlsbad Springs, Bearbrook, Cheney, and Bourget.

In the mid 19th century, during the early days of colonization, the Bear Brook was used by loggers for floating timber to sawmills, a few of which operated in Carlsbad Springs from 1854 to 1905. It was also used by settlers for transportation to their homesteads. However the brook was too small and dry in the summer, and its use for transportation was quickly discontinued upon completion of Russell Road. All the surrounding mature forests have been logged, and consequently the brook drains faster.[1]

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