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Benvenuto di Giovanni, Annunciation, 1470

Benvenuto di Giovanni, also known as Benvenuto di Giovanni di Meo del Guasta (c. 1436 – 1509/1518) was an Italian painter and artist.

Benvenuto was born in Siena and lived and worked there nearly his entire life.[1] Over the course of 43 years he produced numerous panel paintings, frescoes, and manuscripts. He was married in 1466 to Jacopa di Tommaso da Cetona and had seven children. He painted an Annunciation for the church of San Girolamo, Volterra.

Despite his productivity, Benvenuto did not find fortune in art. He and his wife bought a vineyard where they both worked. Later he got involved in local politics, serving two terms in public office. He continued in the early 16th century in art, frequently collaborating with his son Girolamo di Benvenuto, who also became a painter.[2]


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