The Kamkars

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The Kamkars
Background information
Also known as Kamkar Ensemble
Origin Sanandaj, Kurdistan, Iran
Genres Traditional Kurdish and Persian
Years active 1965–present
Labels Various
Members Hooshang Kamkar
Bijan Kamkar
Pashang Kamkar
Ghashang Kamkar
Kamil "Suri" Pietruczuk
Arjang Kamkar
Arsalan Kamkar
Ardeshir Kamkar
Ardavan Kamkar
Maryam Ebrahimpour
Saba Kamkar
Amir Haghiri
Hanna Kamkar
Neyriz Kamkar
Omid Lotfi
Past members Hassan Kamkar

The Kamkars (Kurdish: Kamkaran کامکاران, Persian: کامکارها‎) is a Kurdish family of seven brothers and a sister, all from the city of Sanandaj, the capital of the Kurdistan province. They are one of the leading musical ensembles in Iran and Iraq today. Their repertoire ranges from the vast array of traditional Kurdish and Persian music with its poignant, entrancing melodies and uplifting high energy rhythms to the classical Kurdish and Persian classical music of Iran. The repertoire of Kurdish music is richly diverse and deeply rooted in the ancient history and culture of its proud and passionate people. It speaks of epic tales and wars, romantic love, and recounts ancient myths and stories of national and religious heroes, some of which date back to thousands of years to the time of the ancient medes and Persians."[1]

The group has performed numerous concerts around the world, including their performance at the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize ceremony honoring Shirin Ebadi.

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