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Representation of the Bitard: beech marten head, carp body, turkey and peacock feathers, hare paws and academic palms[1]

The Bitard is a fabulous animal that is the symbol of the ordre du Vénéré Bitard, a student association of University of Poitiers (France) created in the 1920s. The members themselves are also called bitards and is some occasions they wear a cape colored according to their rank in the order and a faluche, the traditional French Student cap. The bitards faluche has the particularity of being decorated with a chevron and having its own code for the signification of insignia. The folklore of the association refers to François Rabelais as the word bitar appears twice in hunting outcomes in Pantagruel.[2]

Each year, the order organizes a one week festival, called the 69e Semaine estudiantine (69th week of students). Various festive activities happen during this week, including a procession,[3] drinking events and a Bitard hunting.

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