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The Blue Aeroplanes
Blue Aeroplanes 2.jpeg
The Blue Aeroplanes performing live, April 2006
Background information
Origin Bristol, England
Genres Alternative rock, post-punk, art rock
Years active 1981–present
Labels Party
Beggars Banquet
Art Star
Associated acts Art Objects
Massive Attack
Rita Lynch
Exploding Seagulls
Oyster Band
Members Gerard Langley
John Langley
Wojtek Dmochowski
Rodney Allen
Gerard Starkie
Max Noble
Chris Sharp
Rita Lynch
Angelo Bruschini
Cover of Huh!: The Best of, 1987–1992

The Blue Aeroplanes are an English rock band from Bristol,[1] the mainstays of which have been Gerard Langley, brother John Langley, and dancer Wojtek Dmochowski. All three had previously been members of the new wave "art band" Art Objects from 1978 to 1981.


The Blue Aeroplanes first performed under that name at the King Street Art Gallery in Bristol in 1981. They consisted mostly of former members of the Art Objects, with the addition of Nick Jacobs on guitar and vocals. The same line-up played three or four concerts over the next couple of years, either at the gallery or for benefits, including a Karl Marx centenary performance at the Victoria Rooms, with the addition of trumpet and didgeridoo.[2] The Blue Aeroplanes' first album Bop Art was released on their own Party Records in 1984, and was rapidly picked up by the Abstract (US) and Fire (UK) labels.[3] It contained material that had been considered as a follow-up to Art Objects' only album, Bagpipe Music. Gerard Langley's largely spoken poetic lyrics were combined with a heavily guitar-centric band that went on to release Tolerance (1986) and Spitting Out Miracles (1987) and several singles and EPs whose B-sides were brought together in the compilation FriendLoverPlane (1988), all on the Fire label.

In 1990 the band released probably their most critically acclaimed album, Swagger, this time on a major label Chrysalis/Ensign. This was followed by Beatsongs which was recorded in the United States and released in 1991. This second album on the major label was their highest charting, reaching no. 33 in the UK album charts. A second compilation of rare B-sides and out-takes, FriendLoverPlane2 (Up in a Down World), was released in 1992.

The follow-up to Beatsongs was delayed until 1994 when the album, Life Model was released on the Beggars Banquet label, followed by Rough Music in 1995. "Broken & Mended" from Life Model was the band's last single to chart and is a favourite at gigs.

A long break and another label change to ArtStar preceded the release of Cavaliers in 2000. Following negotiations with EMI who now owned the rights to Swagger and Beatsongs, The Blue Aeroplanes made a surprise return to this major label. EMI re-released Swagger Deluxe as a 2-CD version in January 2006. This was followed by an album of new material called Altitude later that year, released on EMI's Harvest imprint. The group then recorded an album of cover versions of classic tracks that were originally recorded by artists signed to the Harvest label. The album, called Harvester, was released by EMI/Harvest in 2007.

As well as the two FriendLoverPlane compilations, several other compilations have been released in recent years. Huh! The Best of The Blue Aeroplanes (1987–1992) was released by EMI/Chrysalis in 1997 and featured many of the songs from Swagger and Beatsongs. Also in 1997, Warhols 15 The Best of the Blue Aeroplanes (1985–1988) was released and covered the preceding period when the band was signed to Fire records. In 1996 Fruit (live 1985–1995) was released on Fire records and covered 10 years of live performances recorded at various venues. Then in 2001, ArtStar released Weird Sh*t which featured both rare tracks and alternative versions of some of the band's best-known songs from Swagger through to 'Cavaliers.

In 2008 and 2009 limited edition live albums were released and sold at the annual Christmas gig at Fiddlers in Bristol. Live in Cheltenham (2008) and Skyscrapers (2009) were limited to just 100 copies each and each featured songs not included on the other live CD.

Live performances[edit]

Lead singer Gerard Langley (right) and classically trained Polish dancer Wojciech Dmochowski, April 2006.

Much of the appeal of The Blue Aeroplanes lies in their excellence as a live act.[citation needed]Happy headlining gigs in small indie venues or supporting big acts such as REM[4] and Siouxsie & the Banshees on major international tours, The Blue Aeroplanes have a reputation for keeping their set list as fresh as the line-up of guitarists. Frontman Gerard Langley has a huge stage presence,[citation needed] always wearing his trademark shades even at night in dark venues, and will move from casually introducing songs and making cryptic comments to answering questions from the audience back to his half-sung, half spoken snarling delivery of his lyrics. Memorable[citation needed] performances include the band's 1992 appearance at Glastonbury which was broadcast on BBC Radio 1, the finale at the Hammersmith Apollo when 12 guitarists were seen on stage performing "Breaking in My Heart" and their annual appearance at Fiddlers in Bristol[5] which has now been relocated to the band's own venue, The Fleece.[6]



1) Bop Art, 2/84, LP, Party PART1; ?/85, LP, Abstract ABT009; 12/94, CD, Regeneration Records RGNR 4001

  • Control of Embassies
  • Pinkies Hit The Union
  • Gunning The Works
  • Owls
  • Outback Jazz
  • Chelsea Wallpaper
  • Bagpipe Music
  • Built in a Day
  • Unsquare Dance [CD only]

Note: Reissued for one pressing only on Abstract as part of a general deal with them that never happened. CDs were pressed only for the 10th anniversary gig in London.

2) Tolerance, 11/85, LP, Fire FIRELP3; 5/90, CD, Fire FIRECD3

  • Arriving
  • Journal Of An Airman
  • Rare Flowers
  • Warhol's Fifteen
  • 30-Love
  • Lover And Confidante
  • Tolerance
  • Ups
  • When The Wave Comes
  • Soul (Seen And Unseen)

Note: A European edition was issued with three extra tracks from the _Lover And Confidante_ EP added.

3) Spitting Out Miracles, 10/87, LP, Fire FIRELP10; 5/90, CD, Fire FIRECD10

  • Coats*
  • Cowardice And Caprice*
  • Julie*
  • Spitting Out Miracles*
  • Ceiling Roses
  • In The Mystery*
  • Season Ticket To A Bad Place
  • Bury Your Love Like Treasure
  • Days Of 49*
  • Teaching English Through Sex And Death
  • Winter Sun
  • What Do You Mean (What I Said)*
  • Do The Dead Know What Time It Is?* – based on the poem by Kenneth Patchen

Note: Originally released with a flexi-disc of Rodney Allen performing "Days Of 49" and Ian Kearey performing "Cowardice And Caprice". Neither musician was in the band at the time. It's these two versions that are on _Friendloverplane_. The CD says tracks marked with '*' are remixed.

4) Friendloverplane, 11/88, 2 LP, Fire FIRELP15; CD, FIRECD15; ?/88, LP, Restless 7 72314-2; CD, ? [USA release]

  • Veils of Colour
  • Complete Blessing
  • Weird Heart
  • Le Petit Cadeau De Don Jua
  • Severn Beach
  • Police (38 Divinity)
  • Action Painting (New version)
  • Who Built This Station in the Midwest
  • Old Men Sleeping on the Bowery
  • 88 Out
  • Ashtrays From Mt. Etna
  • Gunning The Works (New version)
  • King of the Soap Box
  • Tolerance (New version)
  • Etiquette!
  • Continually Torn Apart
  • Days of 49 (New version)
  • I Wanna Be Your Lover
  • Warhol's Fifteen (New version)
  • Shame (New version)
  • The Couple in the Next Room
  • Stripped
  • Cowardice And Caprice (New version) [LP only]
  • Breaking in My Heart [LP only]

Note: Available in both a light and dark blue sleeve design. Issued in the USA as a single LP and on a 17-track CD (missing "Complete Blessing", "Weird Heart", "Police (38 Divinity)", "Days Of 49", "I Wanna Be Your Lover", "The Couple In The Next Room", but has "Cowardice And Caprice").

5) Swagger, 2/90, LP, Ensign CHEN13; CS, ZCHEN13; CD, CCD1752; 2/90, CD, Chrysalis F2 21752 [USA release]; 21 February 2006, 2 CD, EMI [reissue]

  • Jacket Hangs
  • World View Blue
  • Weightless
  • ...And Stones
  • Love Come Round
  • Your Ages
  • The Applicant – based on the poem of the same name by Sylvia Plath
  • What It Is
  • Anti-Pretty
  • Careful Boy
  • Picture Framed
  • Cat-Scan Hist'ry

Reissue bonus CD:

  • S.T.R.A.N.G.E. (previously unreleased)
  • Love Come Round (Hurdy-Gurdy version) (previously unreleased)
  • Razor Walk
  • Different Now
  • Big Sky
  • 88 Out (live) (previously unreleased)
  • I Wanna Be Your Lover (live) (previously unreleased)
  • Careful Boy (Nicky Campbell Radio 1 session version) (previously unreleased)
  • What It Is (Michael Stipe version)
  • ...And Stones (DJ Bootleg)
  • You Are Loved
  • You’Re Going To Need Somebody
  • Sweet Jane
  • World View Blue (acoustic version)

6) World View Blue, 6/90, CD, Chrysalis, F2 21818 [USA release]

  • You (Are Loved)
  • You're Going To Need Somebody
  • Razor Walk
  • I Wanna Be Your Lover (live)
  • Bury Your Love Like Treasure (live)
  • Different Now
  • Sweet Jane
  • World View Blue (acoustic version)

Note: USA release only.

7) Beatsongs, 8/91, LP, Ensign CHEN21; CS, ZCHEN21; CD, CCD1856; 8/91, CD, Chrysalis F2 21856 [USA release]

  • Huh
  • Yr Own World
  • Angelwords
  • Fun
  • Cardboard Box
  • My Hurricane
  • Aeroplane Blue
  • Jack Leaves Back Spring
  • Colour Me
  • Streamers
  • The Boy in the Bubble
  • Sixth Continent

8) Friendloverplane 2, 10/92, LP, Ensign CHEN28; CS, ZCHEN28; CD, CDCHEN28

  • You (Are Loved)
  • Pony Boy
  • Different Now
  • World View Blue (acoustic version)
  • ...And Stones (Lovers All Around mix)
  • Razor Walk
  • Growing Up, Growing Down
  • Autumn Journal XV
  • Here It Comes
  • For Tim Collins
  • Talkin' On The Other Phone
  • You're Going To Need Somebody
  • Missy Lane
  • Stranger
  • Trouble, Tell Me I'm Alive
  • Big Sky
  • Mis-Firing
  • Disney Head

9) Life Model, 2/94, LP, Beggars Banquet BBQLP 143; CS, BBQMC143; CD, BBQCD143; 8/94, ? [USA release]

  • Broken & Mended
  • (I'm A) Smart Drug
  • Ghost-Nets
  • Frightened at Night
  • Daughter Movie
  • Open
  • Honey I
  • Vade Mecum Gunslinger
  • Mercury (Hold Protect Love)
  • Fragile

10) Rough Music, 1/17/95, LP, Beggars Banquet BBQLP 167; CS, BBQMC167; CD, BBQCD167; 1/17/95, CD, Beggars Banquet 92516-2 [USA release]

  • Detective Song
  • Sugared Almond
  • Scared
  • Worry Beads
  • Contact High!
  • A Map Below
  • James
  • Whatever Happened To Our Golden Birds?
  • Wond'ring Wild
  • Saint Me and the Devil
  • Dark
  • Secret Destination
  • Dear, Though The Night Is Gone

11) Fruit, 6/96, CD, Fire FIRECD 57

  • Aeroplane Blues (live)
  • Jacket Hangs (live)
  • Police (38 Divinity) (live)
  • The Boy in the Bubble (live)
  • Daughter Movie (live)
  • Hand on Heart (live)
  • Weightless (live)
  • ...And Stones (live)
  • Broken And Mended (live)
  • True Heart (live)
  • Warhol's Fifteen (live)
  • Detective Song (live)
  • Worry Beads (live)
  • Pony Boy (live)
  • Surf Classic (live)
  • New Caucasian Maps (live)

12) Weird Shit, 12/12/96, CS, self-released; 26 February 2001, CD, Cargo UK SFCD 041


  • Showing Off To Impress The Girls (alternate version) (1980)
  • Mau Mau (1981)
  • Train Time (1984)
  • Popsicle Pete (1984)
  • Pre-Fab Buildings (1988)
  • (On The Trail Of) Persephone's Shoes (1984)
  • Smoke Hole (1985)
  • Picture Framed (alternate version) (1981)
  • Jacket Hangs (alternate version) (1989)
  • Love Come Round (alternate version) (1989)
  • Hard Times of Old England (1986)
  • 88 Out (live) (1989)
  • Mean Time (alternate version) (1991)
  • Paper Plane (alternate version) (1995)
  • Imperial (1993)
  • Star Below (1996)


  • Showing Off To Impress The Girls (alternate version)
  • Mau Mau
  • Train Time [incorrectly listed as 'Ticket Time']
  • Popsicle Pete
  • (On The Trail Of) Persephone's Shoes
  • Through The Smoke Hole
  • Pre-Fab Buildings
  • Jacket Hangs (alternate version)
  • Love Come Round (alternate version)
  • Vade Mecum Gunslinger No. One
  • Mean Time (alternate version)
  • Blood Red Roses
  • Streets of Laredo
  • Roundheads (On Every Corner)
  • Camus in the Pocket

Note: The cassette was a limited edition of 100 and sold at gigs, featuring artwork by Doug Smith. The tracklisting was typed onto 4" squares of paper and hand glued.

13) Huh!: The Best, 1987–1992, ?/97, CD, Chrysalis 101

  • Jacket Hangs
  • Huh!
  • Colour Me
  • Razor Walk
  • Growing Up, Growing Down
  • Fun
  • Weightless
  • And Stones
  • You (Are Loved)
  • Jack Leaves And Back Spring
  • Anti-Pretty
  • Disney Head
  • Yr Own World
  • What It Is (remix)
  • Lovething/Higherthing
  • Sixth Continent

Note: Only source for "Lovething/Higherthing".

14) Warhol's 15 – The Best Of The Blue Aeroplanes 1985–1988, ?/2002, CD, Nectar 530

  • Lover & Confidante
  • Veils Of Colour
  • Cowardice And Caprice
  • Action Painting
  • Ups
  • Warhol's Fifteen
  • Ceiling Roses
  • King Of The Soap Box
  • Weird Heart
  • Julie
  • Bury Your Love Like Treasure
  • Arriving
  • Severn Beach
  • Season Ticket To A Bad Place
  • Tolerance
  • Journal Of An Airman
  • When The Wave Comes
  • Spitting Out Miracles
  • Breaking In My Heart
  • Soul

Note: Only CD source for studio version of "Breaking In My Heart".

15) Cavaliers & Roundheads, 13 June 2000, 2 CD, Swarf Finger 38

  • Cavaliers Part 1
  • Cavaliers Part 2
  • Cavaliers Part 3
  • Cavaliers Part 4
  • Cavaliers Part 5
  • Cavaliers Part 6
  • Cavaliers Part 7
  • Cavaliers Part 8
  • Cavaliers Part 9
  • Cavaliers Part 10
  • Cavaliers Part 11
  • Cavaliers Part 12
  • Jazz Baby
  • Get Out!
  • Top Of The Pops
  • Star Cross'd
  • Ghosts
  • Here Comes The Queen
  • Smiler With The Knyf
  • Roundheads

16) Altitude, 4 March 2006, 1 CD, EMI/Harvest CDSHSP4132

  • Bristol Byzantine/Raise The Roof High
  • Tree Full Of Starlings
  • Surreal Thing
  • Hexanal
  • Star Below
  • Up In A Down World
  • Adulthood
  • Bright Star Catalogue
  • Multinational
  • Beautiful Is (As Beautiful Does)
  • Bristol Byzantine

17) Harvester, 2007, 1 CD, EMI/Harvest CDSHSP4133


1) Action Painting & Other Original Works Of..., 2/85, 12", Fire FIRE 2

  • Action Painting
  • Le Petit Cadeau De Don Juan
  • Ash Trays From Mt. Etna
  • Police (38 Divinity)

2) Lover & Confidante And Other Stories of Travel, Religion & Heartbreak, 3/85, 12", Fire FIRE 8

  • Lover And Confidante
  • Who Built This Station in the Midwest
  • Weird Heart
  • Breaking in My Heart

3) Tolerance, 10/86, 7", Fire BLAZE 12S; 12", Fire BLAZE 12T

  • Tolerance
  • When The Wave Comes Down [7" only]
  • Teaching English Through Sex And Death (remix) [12" only"]
  • Complete Blessing [12" only]
  • The Couple in the Next Room [12" only]

4) Bury Your Love Like Treasure, 10/87, 12", Fire BLAZE 23T

  • Bury Your Love Like Treasure
  • King of the Soapbox
  • Vice King's Son
  • Continually Torn Apart

5) The Janice Long Session, 4/88, 12", Night Trax SFNT 009

  • Cowardice And Caprice
  • Coats
  • What Do You Mean?
  • Shame

6) Veils of Colour, 5/88, 12", Fire BLAZE 24T

  • Veils of Colour
  • Spitting Out Miracles (remix)
  • Arriving
  • Built in a Day

Note: Came with free poster.

7) Jacket Hangs, 2/90, 7", Ensign ENY 628; CS, ENYMC 628; 12", Ensign ENYX 628; CD, ENYCD 628

  • Jacket Hangs
  • Razor Walk
  • Different Now [12" only]
  • Big Sky [12" only]

8) ...And Stones, 5/90, 7", Ensign ENY 632; CS, ENYMC 632; 12", Ensign ENYX 632; CD, Ensign ENYCD 632

  • ...And Stones (remix/edit)
  • ...And Stones (LP version)
  • ...And Stones (Lovers All Around mix) [12"/CD only]
  • ...And Stones (Lovers Uptown Vocal mix) [12"/CD only]

12", Ensign, 12", ENYXR 632

  • ...And Stones (Gangly Bootleg Mix) Part 1
  • ...And Stones (Gangly Bootleg Mix) Part 2

9) The Loved EP, 10/90, 10", Ensign ENY 10636; 12", Ensign ENYX 636; CD, Ensign ENYCD 636

  • You (Are Loved)
  • You're Going To Need Somebody
  • Sweet Jane
  • World View Blue (acoustic version)

10) Yr Own World, 7/91, 7", Ensign ENY 647; CS, ENYMC 647; 12", Ensign ENYX 647; CD, Ensign ENYCD 647

  • Yr Own World
  • Pony Boy
  • Mis-Firing [12"/CD only]
  • Autumn Journal XXIV [12"/CD only]

11) The Boy in the Bubble, 10/91, 7", Ensign ENY 649; CS, ENYMC 649; 12", Ensign ENYX 649, CD, Ensign ENYCD 649

  • The Boy in the Bubble
  • Talkin' On The Otherphone
  • Disney Head [12"/CD only]
  • Huh (Remix) [CD only]

12) Stranger, 5/92, Flexi 7", Given out at Bristol University gig.

  • Stranger
  • Trouble, Tell Me I'm Alive

Note: These are both _Beatsongs_ out-takes.

13) Fun, ?/92, CD, Ensign, CDP 560

  • Fun
  • Disney Head
  • Talkin' On The Otherphone

14) Up In A Down World, 8/93, 12", Fantastic Plastic FP 002

  • Up In A Down World
  • Fun (Acoustic)
  • Breaking In Your Heart (live)
  • Mean Time

15) Broken & Mended E.P., 1/94, 12", Beggars Banquet BBQ 26T; CD, BBQ 26CD

  • Broken & Mended
  • Love Is
  • Star-Cross'd
  • Get Out!

16) Detective Song, 12/94, 7", Beggars Banquet BBQ 39; CD, Beggars Banquet BBQ 39 CD

  • Detective Song
  • You're Mine And You Always Will Be:
a) Jack Of All Hearts
b) Jealous Town
c) It's Alright
  • A Map Below [CD only]
  • Top of the Pops [CD only]

17) Sugared Almond E.P., 3/95, CD, Beggars Banquet BBQ 53CD

  • Sugared Almond (New version)
  • Scared (Scared mix)
  • Bad Moon Rising
  • Broken & Mended (Acoustic)

18) China Brilliance Automotive, 10/10, 7", Albino Two Recordings ALBTW010

  • China Brilliance Automotive
  • My Good Self

Compilation appearances[edit]

1) Bludgeoned, ?/85

Includes different version of "Action Painting".

2) Imminent Episode One, 11/85, LP, Food BITE 1

Includes an alternate version of "Outback Jazz".

3) On The Dotted Line, ?/87, EMI

Includes two live tracks from the ICA, listing unknown.

4) Great Fire of London, 1/89, LP, Fire FIRELP 8

Includes the uncredited version of Dave Brubeck's "Unsquare Dance" (an out-take from _Bop Art_), and a different version of "Gunning The Works".

5) Lime Lizards, ?/91, CAS, LL1

Includes "Autumn Journal XV".

6) Volume 2, ?/91, CD

Includes the original album version of "Aeroplane Blues" (pre-overdubs, etc.).

7) Ruby Trax, 11/23/92, CD, NME NME40CD

Includes "Bad Moon Rising".

8) NME Presents Viva! Eight, ?/92, CD, NME Viva8

Includes "Yr Own World (live)".

9) The Indie Scene 1985 – The Story of British Independent Music, ?/92

Includes "Action Painting".

Art Objects[edit]

1) Hard Objects, 7", Fried Egg EGG007, ?/80

  • Hard Objects
  • Bibliothèque
  • A Fit of Pique

2) Showing Off To Impress The Girls, 7", Heartbeat/Cherry Red Music, ?/81

  • Showing Off To Impress The Girls
  • Our Silver Sister (live)

3) Bagpipe Music, LP, Heartbeat HB5, ?/81.

  • Dumbness
  • Showing Off To Impress The Girls
  • Conversion/Who Switches Off The Light
  • Landscape Workers
  • Batpoem
  • Miraculous Birth
  • 20th Century Composites
  • Magog
  • Passengers of Fortune
  • What Am I Supposed To Do?
  • Underground Market
  • The Paperweight Flood

Reissue CDREM316 2007

Bonus Tracks:

  • A Social Occasion (Outtake)
  • They Can Do That! (Outtake)
  • Our Silver Sister (Alternate B Side)
  • New Caucasian Maps (Demo)
  • Gun Law (Live)

Gerard Langley[edit]

1) Record Player, CD, ?/2001

  • Paper Plane
  • Here Comes The Queen
  • Spiky Young Iconoclast
  • 10000 Miles
  • New Caucasian Maps
  • Seymour's Brother Considered As A Drug
  • Had It Lost It Gone
  • Art Star
  • Wishing Up
  • Hugh
  • X Celebrity
  • I Need

2) LIT, CDR, Europa/Art Star, Limited edition of 50.

3) LIT Volume 2, CDR, Europa/Art Star, Limited edition of 50.

4) LIT Volume 3, CDR, Europa/Art Star, Limited edition of 50.

Gerard Langley And Ian Kearey[edit]

1) Siamese Boyfriends, 3/86, LP, Fire LP4

  • Nicknames
  • Snow-Walking
  • Joe Taylor's / La Morisque
  • Good Weather
  • Dear, Though The Night Is Gone
  • The Famous Aren't

Note: This is dedicated to the Blue Aeroplanes and the Oyster Band. A new version of "Dear, Though The Night Is Gone" later appears on _Rough Music_.

Rodney Allen[edit]

1) Happy Sad, ?/87, LP, Subway Organization, SUBORG2.

  • Happy Sad
  • Saturday The If
  • The Cost Of Living
  • No One In Particular
  • Decisions Like These
  • Julianne
  • Coming Up For Air
  • Come Around Suzy
  • Thrills On Wheels

2) Bittersweet 16, ?/88, CD, Subway Organization, SUBORG17CD

Various artists compilation, includes "Glastonbury" and "Cupid's Bow".

3) Circle Line EP, ?/88, 12", Subway Organization, SUBWAY18T

  • Circle Line
  • Will It Rain Tomorrow?
  • Julianne (new version)
  • Sometimes


Album Credits
P = Primary member, S = Supporting member
Player Bop Art Tolerance Spitting Out
Swagger Beatsongs Friendlover-
plane 2
Life Model Rough Music Anti-Gravity
Alex Acuna             S      
Joe Allen                 P  
Rodney Allen       S P P P P P  
Johnny Baker               S    
Bill Bell     S S            
Richard Bell   P P P            
Tracey Bowen               S    
Vivian Bowen               S    
Bob Bradley               P P  
Paul Bradley                 S  
Angelo Bruschini   S   P P P P P    
Antoinette Burrell               S    
Steve Bush S                  
Dan Catsis S                  
Dave Chapman   P P P            
George Claridge                 S  
Christian Clarke       S            
Ruth Cochrane   P P P            
John Cornick               S    
Richard Crabtree               S    
Simon Crump S                  
Fiona Davies               S    
Stephen Davies S                  
Jedrej Dmochowski   S   S            
Wojtek Dmochowski P P P P P P P P P P
Patrick Duff                 S  
Chris Evans               S    
Nigel Eaton     S   S          
Rhian Evans               S    
Mark Espiner     S S            
Pat Fish (Jazz Butcher)           S S   P  
Alexandra Frean               S    
Matthew Gale     S S            
Roger Goslyn   S   S            
Caroline Halcrow       P            
Simon Heathfield       P            
Bob Hewerdine         S          
Clare Hirst         S          
Susie Hug               S S  
Nick Jacobs P P P P S          
Luís Jardim         S          
Tom Johnson                 S  
Rachel Jones               S    
Francis Kane                 S  
Ian Kearey P S   P S S S P S  
Tim Keegan                 S  
J.J. Key S         S        
Robin Key S                  
Dave King     S              
Kenny Lacey               S    
Elizabeth Lane             S S    
Andrew Lang               S    
Gerard Langley P P P P P P P P P P
John Langley P P P P P   P   P P
Alex Lee         P P P   P  
Jeremy Little               S    
Charlie Llewellin S                  
Georgia Lowe               S    
David Mansfield           S        
Jerry Marotta           S S      
Andy McCreeth         P P P S    
Paul Mulreany           P P P P  
Dave Newton               S S  
Max Noble                 S P
Iain O'Higgins   S                
Nick Powell                 S  
Roger Power                 P  
Simon Preston S                  
Graham Russell                 P  
Andy Sheppard                 S  
Michelle Shocked     S              
Bill Stair S                  
John Stapleton   P P P            
Michael Stipe         S          
Elaine Summers           S        
Danny Timms           S        
Neti Vaandrager     S              
Marcus Williams                 P  
Nick Williams               S    
Sharon Williams               S    
Hazel Winter             P P    
Tony Wrafter S     S            
Jon Wygens                 P  
Loki Lillistone                   P
Chris Sharp                   P
Gerard Starkie                 P P

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