Bobsleigh at the 1998 Winter Olympics

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at the XVIII Olympic Winter Games
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Venue The Spiral
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Bobsleigh at the 1998 Winter Olympics
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The 1998 Winter Olympic Games bobsleigh results


Medal Athletes Time
Gold  Günther Huber / Antonio Tartaglia (ITA) 3:37.24
Gold  Pierre Lueders / David MacEachern (CAN) 3:37.24
Bronze  Christoph Langen / Markus Zimmermann (GER) 3:37.89
4  Christian Reich / Cédric Grand (SUI) 3:38.15
5  Sandis Prusis / Janis Elsins (LAT) 3:38.24
6  Reto Götschi / Guido Acklin (SUI) 3:38.27
7  James Herberich / Robert Olesen (USA) 3:38.53
8  Pavel Puskar / Jan Kobian (CZE) 3:38.59

Huber lead Lueders by 0.05 seconds after the first run. Leuders picked up 0.02 seconds in the next two runs. Prior to the start of the fourth run, Lueders turned to Huber and asked "Can you imagine if we tied this thing?" After the fourth run, Tartaglia stated "In the end, it felt like were friends who had accomplished something together."


Medal Team Time
Gold Flag of Germany.svg Germany II (Christoph Langen, Markus Zimmermann, Marco Jakobs, Olaf Hampel) 2:39.41
Silver Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland I (Marcel Rohner, Markus Nüssli, Markus Wasser, Beat Seitz) 2:40.01
Bronze Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain I (Sean Olsson, Dean Ward, Courtney Rumbolt, Paul Attwood) 2:40.06
Bronze Flag of France.svg France I (Bruno Mingeon, Emanuel Hostache, Éric Le Chanony, Max Robert) 2:40.06
5 Flag of the United States.svg United States I (Brian Shimer, Chip Minton, Randy Jones, Garreth Hines) 2:40.08
6 Flag of Latvia.svg Latvia I (Sandis Prusis, Egils Bojars, Janis Ozols, Janis Elsins) 2:40.26
7 Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland II (Christian Reich, Steve Anderhub, Thomas Handschin, Cédric Grand) 2:40.28
8 Flag of Germany.svg Germany I (Harald Czudaj, Torsten Voss, Steffen Görmer, Alexander Szelig) 2:40.32

The second run on the first day of events was cancelled to weather while both runs on the second day were contested.

Medal table[edit]

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Germany 1 0 1 2
2 Canada 1 0 0 1
Italy 1 0 0 1
4 Switzerland 0 1 0 1
5 France 0 0 1 1
Great Britain 0 0 1 1