Bois D'Arc, Missouri

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For other uses, see Bois d'arc (disambiguation).

Bois D'Arc (local /ˈbdɑrk/; French pronunciation: ​[bwɑˈdaʁk]) is an unincorporated community in Greene County, Missouri, United States, about fifteen miles northwest of Springfield. It was founded in 1881 around an already existing post office of the same name. There had been a previous town named Bois D'Arc near the location, and the current town was called New Bois D'Arc, but the "New" was quickly dropped. The town gets its name from the osage-orange (also known as a bois d'arc) tree planted by an early settler.[1]

The community is part of the Springfield, Missouri Metropolitan Statistical Area.


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Coordinates: 37°15′23″N 93°30′28″W / 37.25639°N 93.50778°W / 37.25639; -93.50778