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The Boolboonda Tunnel is an abandoned heritage-listed railway tunnel near Mount Perry in Queensland, Australia. The tunnel is 192 m in length making it the longest unsupported man-made tunnel in Queensland.[1] Its construction represented an important engineering feat for rail transport in Queensland.

The tunnel was constructed for the Bundaberg to Mount Perry railway line that was built in the 1880s.[1] It passes under the Boolboonda Range through hard granite rock. It took two years to dig and was officially opened on 2 November 1883.[1] The line was closed in 1960 and tracks removed the following year.

Today the tunnel is accessible by vehicular traffic.[1] It is maintained by the Bundaberg Regional Council.

Heritage listing[edit]

The tunnel was listed in the Queensland Heritage Register in 1999.[1]

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Coordinates: 25°04′53.39″S 151°40′32.74″E / 25.0814972°S 151.6757611°E / -25.0814972; 151.6757611