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Borosil Glass Works Ltd. BSE: 502219 is a Glassware company based in Gujarat, India. The company is one of the largest glassware producing company in India with significant presence in USA, Netherlands and in India.


Borosil Glass Works Ltd. (BGWL) is the market leader for laboratory glassware and microwavable kitchenware in India. It was established in 1962 in collaboration with Corning Glass Works USA. In 1988, Corning divested its share holding to the current Indian promoters.

Indian Glass Industry[edit]

The net worth of the Indian glass industry is around $2.7 billion. Glass consumption growth is expected in construction (9 per cent), automotive (19 per cent), consumer goods (10-12 per cent) and pharmaceuticals (12-15 per cent) sectors in next few years. Indian container glass industry currently estimated to be worth US$1 billion and this particular segment is progressing with an approximate growth rate of 12%. Borosil is the market leader for laboratory glassware and microwavable kitchenware in India.


The products include laboratory glassware, instruments, disposable plastics, liquid handling systems and explosion proof lighting glassware covering the education and industries like Microbiology, Biotechnology, Photo Printing, Process Systems and Lighting.

Green Initiative[edit]

  • Use of rain water harvesting since 2003.
  • 48% of all the consumed electricity comes from wind energy.
  • Guesthouses and colonies are supplied by water that is heated using company’s Borosolar water heating systems.
  • Other energy efficient measures include advanced waste heat recovery systems and solar lighting.
  • A large 9 hole par 36 golf course, which is maintained using the water from rain water harvesting efforts.
  • Meets Indian and stringent EU pollution norms.

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