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Boudouaou, during French colonialism known as L'Alma (or Alma) is a town in the western part of Boumerdès, Algeria. It is a coastal town on the Mediterranean Sea and is located at an altitude of 3 feet.[1] Its population in 1998 was 42,500.[2]

The original name is thought to be bou-dhou-aou, Arabic for illuminator in reference to a small insect the size of a beetle which at night shows beautiful brilliant green light in the its tail.[citation needed]


the town re-elected mayor is Yahya Mahsasse The end of 2007 for 5 years

Main cities[edit]

there are several main cities in Boudouaou the well known amooung them are :

  • LACACE ar لاصاص
  • BENADJAL ar بن عجال
  • GHOUALEM ar الغوالم
  • EL-NCHITE ar النشيط
  • BEN MERZOUGA ar بن مرزوقة
  • BEN YAMINA ar بن يامينة


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Coordinates: 36°44′N 3°25′E / 36.73°N 3.41°E / 36.73; 3.41