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Brandon Crouch
Born Brandon Paul Crouch
(1983-03-07) March 7, 1983 (age 32)
Fountain Valley, CA
Occupation Evangelist, TV Host, Inspirational Youth Speaker.
Employer Brandon Crouch Ministries and The Word Network
Known for Co-founder of JCTV Network, a TBN Affiliate Youth Network
Height 6'3"
Religion Christian
Spouse(s) Marley Crouch

Paul Crouch Jr. (father)
Tawny Crouch (mother)
Brittany Koper (sister)
Carra Linda Crouch (sister)
Paul Crouch (grandfather)
Jan Crouch (grandmother)
Ron Dryden (grandfather)

Linda Dryden (grandmother)

Brandon Crouch (born March 7, 1983) is a Christian evangelist and youth speaker, a television broadcaster. The Crouch family is the founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, (TBN), the largest Christian television network, and the third largest over-the-air Station Group in the United States.[1]

Early years[edit]

Brandon Crouch is the oldest child of Paul Jr. and Tawny Crouch, and grandson of Paul Crouch, and Jan Crouch and Ron and Linda Dryden. Brandon was born in Fountain Valley, CA. His younger siblings are sisters Brittany Koper, and Carra Linda Crouch. Brandon Crouch followed the career path of his father Paul Crouch Jr., and grandfather’s Paul Crouch and Ron Dryden, who all have a long history of pioneering and founding Christian ministries, and radio and television networks. The Crouch family founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network, while Ron and Linda Dryden were pastors of, Cathedral of Praise, now known as "The Cathedral", one of the largest Christian churches in Oklahoma City, OK. Dryden also owned one of the first contemporary Christian radio stations in the Oklahoma City market.[2]

Brandon grew up working alongside his father, Paul Crouch Jr. as Assistant Grip and Best Boy, and eventually as a Set and Commercial Production Assistant, at “PJ Video”, a full service video production company which was owned by Paul Crouch Jr. Brandon worked at PJ Video throughout his middle and high school years. Brandon enjoyed competitive hockey, soccer, and baseball during high school and college, and competed in National tournaments such as N.A.R.C.H, and The California State Championships. Crouch continues academic studies in Theology through Liberty University.

JCTV and TBN years[edit]

In 2001, Brandon officially joined the staff at Trinity Broadcasting Network. Prior to the launch of JCTV, Crouch worked with the TBN Information Technology Group, in addition to operating camera operations for various TBN shows, including the network’s flagship show “Praise the Lord” and “Behind the Scenes”. During this time period, Crouch was also responsible for creating, and directing special TV projects and managing production crews for independent ministries such as Benny Hinn. Crouch also worked as TV Director for Pastor Steve Munsey with the Family Christian Center. In this role, Crouch began speaking publicly, and was the keynote speaker at many colleges.[3]

In 2003, Brandon's father and grandfather, founded JCTV, TBN’s youth network. At JCTV, Brandon managed facets of the networks development. JCTV is an award winning, high-energy Christian telecast targeting 13 to 29 year olds. JCTV offers viewers contemporary Christian programming, including music videos, concerts, talk shows, news, and sporting events. It is similar to MTV, but with a Christian focus. Crouch was involved in building JCTV from the ground up, as well as developing and producing JCTV’s "Off the Record", and “Top 3”. JCTV airs in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America.

iTBN and iJCTV[edit]

Under the direction of Crouch, JCTV has taken the traditional broadcasting model of TBN, to a new high-tech level. With the advent of digital media, social networking, and mobile media platforms, Crouch utilizes these contemporary mediums to reach the youth that tune in from around the world on TV, and the internet. What used to take millions of dollars in equipment to broadcast, can now be achieved with a computer, a laptop camera, a wireless internet connection and online video tools like Skype. When Crouch hosts his show “Off the Record”, live interviews on location from around the world, get instant feedback from viewers through social sites like Facebook, and Twitter.[4]

Crouch, and his father Paul Crouch Jr. have introduced new mobile applications that enable viewers to access TBN’s networks, JCTV, Smile of a Child, TBN Enlace and The Church Channel on their mobile phones, and their personal computers.[5][5][6][7]

Brandon Crouch Ministries[edit]

In recent years, Crouch has expanded his role as a Christian TV broadcaster. In 2009, Crouch founded Brandon Crouch Ministries, and spends much of his time sharing an evangelistic, faith-based message with young people. His teachings focus on relevant faith in God intersecting with the challenges faced by today’s youth. Crouch’s mission statement is to, “continue to follow my families legacy of preaching the gospel to the ends of the world and back.” [8] Crouch is a sought after speaker, reaching his audience through local churches, youth conferences, prison ministry, and other public forums, in addition to his continued televised messages on JCTV, the internet and social media sites such as Facebook,[4]Twitter,[9] and live video streaming to mobile platforms and Video on Demand (VOD).[10][11]


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