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Merrill in 1956.

Buddy Merrill (born July 16, 1936) is an American guitar player and musician who was best known as a regular on The Lawrence Welk Show.[1]

Early Beginnings[edit]

Buddy Merrill, (born as Leslie Merrill Behunin, Jr.) is the oldest of four children whose father was also a musician. He was born in Torrey, Utah. At age eight, he got his first guitar and soon enough, began performing live with his father's band, The Fremont River Rangers. When he was eleven, he even appeared with his dad live on local television station KDYL in Salt Lake City.

When the family moved out to Los Angeles, California in the early 1950s, Buddy continued to perfect his musical skills, playing both the acoustic guitar and the steel guitar. He also began to do home recordings of himself playing rhythm guitar to a song, which was how the legendary Les Paul did it in the recording studios, though Paul overdubbed multiple guitar parts. He also continued to perform live throughout high school in dances, social functions and at clubs.

The Lawrence Welk Show[edit]

Merrill joined The Lawrence Welk Show in 1955, the same year it first went national on ABC. At nineteen his youth and energy made him very popular with the ladies and his artistry with the guitar made him highly-sought after as a live performer, studio musician and also garnered him respect within the music industry. He briefly left the show from 1959 to 1962 when he was drafted by the Army. On his return to the Music Makers he was joined in the band's rhythm section with fellow guitarist Neil Levang. For the next twelve years the two would be television's most dynamic guitar duo, attracting a whole legion of fans and admirers.

Accomplishments after Welk[edit]

In 1974, Buddy left the Welk orchestra to devote more time to writing music and recording for Accent Records (US). He had signed with the latter in 1964, creating a lasting partnership with owner Scott Seely on both a personal and professional level. Buddy continued to perform live, either as a solo artist or with a band, until 1988 when he retired from the road. He also continued to perform as a studio musician. He even penned a symphonic work, "Living Sea," as well as original compositions for tape programmers and television commercials. Today he lives in Murrieta, California with his wife Connie, whom he married in 1983.



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