Buffalo High School (West Virginia)

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Buffalo High School is a high school in Buffalo, West Virginia, serving the northern part of Putnam County, West Virginia, including Eleanor, West Virginia.

The school colors are blue and gold, and the athletic mascot and nickname are the "Bison". Sometimes sports scores refer to the school as "Buffalo-Putnam" or "Buffalo of Putnam" because there used to be another Buffalo High School in Wayne County, West Virginia, but this practice has fallen into disuse after Buffalo-Wayne High School was consolidated with Vinson High School and Ceredo-Kenova High School to form Spring Valley High School for the 1999 academic year. The school has approximately 275 students, placing it in class "A" for sports. This is far smaller than the other three schools in the county, and for years the county attempted to close the school. However this was always defeated by voters. Finally, a new building will be finished in 2012, insuring the continued existence of the school.

The school is a partner with the Toyota Motor Corporation which has a major plant in Buffalo.