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This article is about a particular brand of clip. For the clips also referred to as a "binder clip", see Binder clip.
A bulldog clip
The same bulldog clip from a more exciting angle

A bulldog clip is a device for temporarily binding sheets of paper together. It consists of a rectangular sheet of springy steel curved into a cylinder, with two flat steel strips inserted to form combined handles and jaws. The user presses the two handles together, causing the jaws to open against the force of the spring, then inserts a stack of papers and releases the handles. The spring forces the jaws together, gripping the papers firmly.

BULLDOG is a registered trademark of Brandsley Limited which is licensed to Faire Bros & Co Limited. Its registration as a trademark in the United Kingdom dates back to 1944.

A novel use for this product is to use it as a wire guide at a computer station for example. The clip can be clamped onto the edge of a desk and computer cables can be threaded through the holes on the end of the tip. This helps the user organize wires and prevents them from falling back behind the desk.

Another use is for resealing an opened bag of food to keep it fresh longer.